Shannon Beador Talks Game Night, ‘Judgy Eyes’, and Marriage Counseling

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Oh, man. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting exhausted for, and by, Shannon Beador – and I’m possibly one of the few who still really likes this wacky woman! Just watching her maneuver through the painful storyline she’s put on display this season of the Real Housewives of Orange County makes me want to lie down and take a long nap. Where’s the promise of more “upbeat” scenes with Shannon and family? Where’s the “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow? Toto, we aren’t in Kansas anymore! 

In her blog this week, Shannon once again explains – and explains, and explains – why she was frustrated with husband David at Meghan Edmonds’ game night, why she gave Meghan the side eye (but NOT the judgy eye!) about Botox treatments, and how marriage counseling has put her marriage “on the fast track to healing.” 


Before launching in to her blog, Shannon acknowledges the loss the Edmonds family faced just last week. “I would like to express my condolences to the Edmonds family. It has been a tragic and sad week for them with the passing of LeAnn. They are all in our family’s prayers,” begins Shannon. 

But Shannon does question the arrangement Jim and Meghan Edmonds have set up in their new marriage. (Is it just me, or should people in shattered glass marriages not be throwing freaking stones right about now!?) Shannon writes, “I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to be newly married and only spending 50% of the time with my husband. This week focuses on the fact that Meghan has chosen to take care of Hayley when her mother LeAnn was ill. It didn’t make sense to me that Meghan had a couples game night when her “couple” wasn’t in town. I’m sure something came up at the last minute. I wasn’t going to ask her why — didn’t want to start anything.” 

As for her frustration with David at game night, Shannon says she was “embarrassed” that they weren’t on the same page. “I was frustrated at game night. David and I have been doing well for the most part and he has frequently said to me that he never thought that we could be as close and romantically connected as we have been. I have repeated this to all the girls. When he answered the question that he was ‘less romantic,’ I was hurt and embarrassed. It looked like I wasn’t telling the truth. David said he heard the question wrong. You all are seeing the real deal with what is happening between us, for better or worse. I clearly got upset and then I wish you could have seen us resolve everything 30 seconds later.”

But Shannon’s judgy eyes weren’t just pointed at David that night! Meghan called her out about them too, which Shannon takes issue with. “I know I have expressive eyes, there’s no doubt about that! But I don’t think they are judgey!” defends Shannon. (Side note: is it ‘judgy’ or ‘judgey’? Urban Dictionary says ‘judgy’, but Shannon’s the one with the eyes-of-accusation, so maybe we should obey her spelling!)

“I have used Botox a few times,” writes Shannon. “I did it the first time when I was 47. Let’s be honest. I have the most wrinkles of anyone on the show! It is my preference to use natural alternatives which you can see haven’t worked very well! I have no issue with anyone using Botox, including Meghan. I was just surprised to hear that she was going to use it because I have never noticed a wrinkle on her face!”


Moving on to everyone’s favorite scene – more couples counseling with the Beadors! – Shannon reveals that two months have passed since their initial couples’ retreat, but she keeps in touch with counselor Tina Konkin weekly to “process through everything.” She shares, “I beat myself up often that I am not getting over everything more quickly, but it is nice to hear Tina’s reminder that it can sometimes take up to two years to get through infidelity. In that case, I am doing well.” 

Explaining why David is less than thrilled to continue sloshing through the thick mud of their marriage issues in counseling, Shannon quips that “David is a guy’s guy. He doesn’t love having long conversations analyzing our relationship, especially after infidelity. I understand that.”

Shannon continues, “There are times that both David or I ‘check out.’ That is reality. It’s only normal to want to take the easy way out and avoid the work. But we both end up going back and realizing why we our doing all of this — to repair our marriage and our family. I am frustrated in our meeting that David does not want to do any individual therapy on his own. This was a tough moment for me. I need to know that we are both making an effort to repair our marriage. With the help of Tina and her team, that is happening today and it has put us on the fast track of healing.”


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