Peter Thomas Responds To Bar One Eviction; Claims He Actually Didn’t Pay Rent On His Coffee Shop

Peter Thomas's Coffee Peter's Brew

Peter Thomas wants to clarify some misinformation – he wasn’t served an eviction notice for Bar One; he was actually served an eviction notice for his failed coffee shop Peter’s Brew. Oh that makes it sooo much better!!!

Last week Peter was slapped with the notice after he failed to pay his rent and owed his landlord $1800. Bar One moved locations last year (amid a lawsuit and some foreclosure drama) and has been in limbo about reopening ever since. Peter is currently working to open another location in Charlotte, while the Atlanta destination remains in renovation with a promised fall grand opening. Which obviously will be filmed for Real Housewives Of Atlanta


However, Peachter’s finances aren’t out of the water! He also owns yet another non-existent business – the tanking Peter’s Brew – which was located across the street from Bar None. Last year he surprised Cynthia with that investment and filmed a launch party for RHOA (which was never aired).

Peter confirmed to Straight From The A that yes, he has not been paying the rent for Peter’s Brew (which isn’t currently opened). He also claims that he actually OWNS the building which houses the unopened Bar One. (I need to see proof of this. Also, foreclosure coming soon). 

As for the eviction, Peter was partnered “with a few people” on Peter’s Brew, but the relationships dissolved(?) and so too did the timely rent payments, I suppose! Despite the business being vacant, Peter still holds the lease on the space and insists that all rents have been paid in full, so as of now, he “owes nobody nothing!”

Apparently the eviction notice was a mere accident, because Peter has been in Charlotte, NC cheating working on Charlotte One, which opens later this month, and also running Sports One with his business partner Kordell Stewart. I guess Peachter just didn’t get that check in the mail on time! That seems to be a reoccurring problem on RHOA… 

The eviction still stands, however, because according to Peter it’s working its way through the courts and will be dismissed with a copy of the canceled checks and receipts. Mmmmmmmhmmmmmm [Said in my Phaedra Parks‘ voice]

BTW: You can still buy Peter’s coffee online, if you’re so inclined. 


[Photo Credit: Twitter]

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