Cynthia Bailey And Peter Thomas Move Bar One! Cynthia Hosts A Casting Call For Ebony Magazine!

cynthia bailey and peter thomas

Ahhh… the saga of Peter Thomas and Bar One continues. Thank goodness he has Cynthia Bailey forever by his side as source of continual financial support. 

If you recall, Peter was haggling with the landlord in court amid allegations that he owed $100,000 in back rent, fees, taxes, and utilities. The Real Housewives Of Atlanta star countered that he did pay but the landlord, but maintains the landlord wasn’t depositing the money in the bank to pay bills. Peter claims that as a result the building lapsed into foreclosure

The owners listed the property for sale in March. Peter and Cynthia tried to buy it but someone else outbid them, so Bar One is on the move! While initially distressing given the “success” of the venue, Cynthia acknowledges it was probably for the best. “We had a lot of problems. It’s a residential neighborhood and people didn’t like the music and cars. People were always complaining.”


“The sad thing is Bar One had been doing extremely well. People loved it,” Cynthia told Access Atlanta. “It had become a tourist attraction.” Yeah, imagine neighbors not appreciating the glory that is Peter…. And define “extremely well” in relationship to “bankruptcy“? Bar One will officially close for the move next week. Peter celebrated with a bang by hosting a final party at the venue to celebrate his birthday. 

Peter shares that they are currently in the process of redoing a new space in a different area of town, a historically black neighborhood. They estimate it will take 2 – 3 months to complete renovations and reopen (RHOA season finale party, anyone?!). Hey – Peter is hoping for a Bar One spinoff, maybe NeNe Leakes can produce it! She’s looking for new shows for her production company, after all! 

In other news, Cynthia hosted a casting call for Ebony Magazine with the help of co-stars Kenya Moore, Kandi Burruss, and Claudia Jordan. The ladies combed through the lines of eligible bachelors, ages 28 to 50, who were to be used in a photo shoot for the infamous mag. Hopefully Kenya refrained from any “Coochie Crack” comments and left her SECCCCCCUUURRRRTYY at home for this casting event. I’m guessing the eligible bachelors were the ones that needed security from Kenya who was likely trying to cast her next rent-a-man! Think of the storyline! 

“We’re looking for some real men with real careers,” Cynthia explained. The winner gets to do a photo shoot at The Bailey Agency for the February 2015 issue. Photos below! 

Cynthia also talked the upcoming season, but was light on details, save to say the new ladies were welcome additions. “All I can say is it’s good to have new blood,” Cynthia remarked, refusing to confirm whether or not Demetria McKinney was added to the cast, but that she did help the singer cast a music video. She also kept mum on her ever-tumultuous relationship with NeNe.

Cynthia did confirm that she feels more settled into her role as Housewife this season and that despite her seemingly unstable marriage to Peter, things are good. “I didn’t know what I was getting myself into,” she admits of season’s past. “I am actually having a good time. Peter and I always go through our ups and downs.”

Fun Fact: The building that houses The Bailey Agency is across the street from the original Bar One and although Cynthia briefly moved it, she has since returned to the old location – owned by the same landlord that managed Peter’s original space. 

Well, errrrr… congratulations to Peter on his latest success. 


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With Demetria, whom Cynthia is being coy about. 

Cynthia Bailey - Bailey Agency - Ebony Casting

The Ebony Magazine casting at The Bailey Agency.  Kandi certainly doesn’t choose sides…