4th Of July Weekend Celebration With Melissa Gorga

Happy Anniversary to Joe and Melissa Gorga! Today the couple celebrates 11 years of poison injections! 

Melissa shared a special message to her beloved via instagram about their marriage. “And in the blink of an eye it’s been 11 years  Happy Anniversary @joeygorga You’ve put me on a pedestal since day 1. I love you more than I can say  #myheart.”

Since joining Real Housewives of New Jersey to demonstrate Love, Italian Style as being sexy, submissive, and anywhere (anytime, anyplace!), Jersey’s sexiest couple taught us a little poison goes a long way towards making a marriage stronger. Luckily for Melissa her beloved Joe has never hesitated to demonstrate his lust towards his wife – every single part of her body – and declare how amazing she is. 

But it hasn’t been all love and lust these past 11-years! Joe and Melissa have also survived 11-years of dealing with Teresa Giudice! The couple has bonded over family dramas, strippers accusations, cheating allegations, money woes, family tragedies, and mansion dilemmas and the even christened their third child in a true RHONJ fashion.

Despite it all, Melissa and Joe have remained a unified pair, who are supportive of each other, with a love that is worthy of an emotional ballad. We look forward to many more scenes of love and passion from Joe and Melissa. So, Happy Anniversary youse! 



Photo Credit:  Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images


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