Brandi Glanville Talks Fighting On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, Bethenny Frankel, And Wanting A Talk Show.

Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville recently was a guest on Lynette Carolla and Stefanie Wilder-Taylor‘s podcast For Crying Out Loud where she dished on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills and Lisa Rinna‘s secret life, Real Housewives friendships, the awkward cross-over between real life and reality TV, Bethenny Frankel‘s return to Bravo, and Brandi’s dream of being a talk show host. 

Lynette was previously a guest on Brandi’s Unfiltered Podcast and they sort of pick-up where they left-off. You can read a transcript of that show here

Starting with the awkward cross-over between real life and reality TV life, Brandi admits she often winds-up in odd conversations at like children’s birthday parties where the moms want to dish on RHOBH. “I wish I were playing a character, but I get judged for the person I am, as a human being, so everywhere I go people think they know me ’cause they watch the show. That is a part of my life, but it’s a small part of my life.” 


Brandi admits “all the time” she has moments where she wonders why she’s doing reality TV, but it’s for her children, because, as you know, Brandi is a single mom, but she’s dreaming of the day when she can leave the show. 

“Unfortunately I’m not making enough money to quit. My endgame is I would love to have a daytime talk show (ON WHAT NETWORK?!), where I interview real people about real issues, especially about relationship issues,” confesses Brandi. “Remember Jenny Jones? I love her! I want like a Jerry Springer, but for like girls.” 

Switching gears to Real Housewives Of New York and how Bethenny has returned after her own talk show failed. Brandi talks about how Kristen Taekman is handling her second season. “I actually got her on the show, and now she’s like I love you and I hate you at the same time,” laughs Brandi.

“Like Josh, Kristen’s husband, everyone hates him but he’s a actually a really good guy. He’s really sarcastic, but they don’t show like the fun side of him,” complains Brandi. “I hang out with Josh more than Kristen because Kristen has to be in bed by 9:30, so Josh and I will hit the town.” 

Josh is really good with the kids and takes them a lot because Kristen is filming,” Brandi adds. She also shares that Josh’s parents live near her in California, and on Christmas when she doesn’t have her boys she goes to their house. 

Brandi introduced Kristen to Andy, then Bravo discovered Josh and Heather Thomson used to work together. “Kristen didn’t really know Heather that well, but that was sort of their connection for bringing Kristen on the show.” And Kristen regrets her first season tagline. “They write things for you, you don’t have to say them, but she agreed to it.”

Brandi tried to come up with some for herself (her suggestion: “I’m a gangsta bitch, but I cry sometimes.”) but Bravo didn’t approve. “I ended up using one of theirs, even though I didn’t like it, but I agreed to it.” 

Of RHONY, Brandi says, “They’re fancy. I don’t relate to that. Much like a lot of the women on my show, I don’t relate to their wealth. I do enjoy watching Kristen, but I know she’s gonna have a rough season. Her and Bethenny… they kind of get into it.” 

Bethenny is hard to watch,”  describes the Stefanie. “This season it feels like it’s Bethenny playing ‘Bethenny.‘” AGREED. Brandi defends Bethenny a bit. “I think it happens to all of us a little bit. In the beginning it’s so real, then you get the groove of it, and you’re like this is my schtick and you continue with it. People’s first season really shows who they are, and then you become a character of yourself. It’s inevitable.” 

The hostesses trash Bethenny for using the show as a Skinnygirl promotion and make fun of her Skinnygirl Product Demo Brunch. Both hostesses think her blatant product hawking and transparent motives for re-joining RHONY are pathetic.

“I do think they needed her back, because it was a little stale. They needed someone to get into and straight shoot,” says Brandi. She says Bethenny and Kristen got into it over a product Kristen was promoting. “They all use the show to promote something. Kristen was promoting something and Bethenny is really not nice about it and is like ‘you’re so dumb.'”

“She called me crying. Kristen’s a sweet girl, who’s just not combative,” Brandi describes. “In the show you have to fight back. So I was giving her some lines she could try to say to Bethenny. I don’t know if she used them or not.” 

In real life Brandi is as confrontational as she is on the show, but the difference is she’s dealing with people she actually cares about. “My real friends… we don’t fight like that, but I don’t know if all of us were on a show together that any of us would be friends.” 

As for her complicated relationships on RHOBH, Brandi understands, “It’s a recipe that works.” She continues, “They put us together and we became friends, but in real life, I don’t have a ton in common [with the women]. Yolanda and I – we grew up the same, went through horrible divorces, so we really get along well, but Kim and Kyle grew up with silver spoons in their mouths… I just don’t know that we all would have found our way together as a group. And that’s what makes it so confrontational when you fight because you’re not that close with them.” 

After the season wraps, Brandi admits the Housewives need to “take a break” from each other. “I’ve seen Yolanda, I’ve seen Kim once right after the reunion.” The ladies are encouraged not to socialize too much in the off season. “When things happen off-camera, people aren’t gonna understand. You have to almost save it for the cameras, otherwise it’s hard to explain.” 

The hosts talk about what happens with the ‘friends’ of the housewives who disappear. Brandi calls them “Housewives Whores.” She tried to get them all on her podcast for a ‘Life after Beverly Hills’ segment. Dana Wilkey‘s husband cheated and left and she is “running from lawyers and bills. She’s a mess – it’s unfortunate. She was actually really funny, but clearly no one else agreed.” 

“There’s some friends of the Housewives that just want to be on TV, they’re in every scene, the Mohameds of the world that want to be in the background,” Brandi shades of Housewives Hanger-Ons.

Brandi jokes, “The ones I make up a name for they go – I called DanaPam,’ she left, I called JoyceJacqueline,’ She left. I was trying to think up a name for Eileen but I couldn’t.” 

“I’m still very close friends with Carlton. She got a really bad rap on the show and people only got to see one side of her,” Brandi reveals. “She’s still living the life.” 

Talking casting, Brandi admits Bravo has no idea who will workout as a Housewife and who won’t. “I don’t think the audience likes a lot of change. They want the same people. When you change the recipe too much, people don’t like it. This year did really well with the soap actresses – the ratings were better than ever.”

Brandi warns about Lisa Rinna, whom she doesn’t trust. “She is crazy – there are some skeletons in that one’s closet… I cannot wait until they come out! On this show, if you are hiding anything, it all comes out eventually. And there are some secrets up in that household – I’m just telling you.”

Brandi thinks it has to do with Harry and his sobriety. Bashing Lisa’s mothering related to how Harry only got sober three-years-ago, Brandi wonders “When she was off doing Apprentice – who was watching the kids? Drunk daddy?!” 

Brandi also wonders about Lipsa’s mental health and brings up the moment when it was revealed that Lipsa threaxted Kim. “That happened at the end of the reunion – it was actually very dramatic, but they put it in the middle so it was like we just kept on going, like it was fine. But threatening someone to f–k someone up… I was in shock.” 

Brandi also opened-up briefly about Kim, which we covered in an earlier post. Stephanie, the hostess empathized with Kyle. “I’ve been friends with people with problems for, like Jennifer Gimenez. I stuck around because I’m her friend. And if I walked away from her, like everyone else did when she fell off the wagon, she’d probably be dead.” 

“It’s not anyone’s job to point it out, because they’re in denial and they just don’t believe it themselves yet. It has to be your decision. Brandi complains about the ‘You’re an addict!’ refrain from the other ladies. “It’s like shut the f–k up! We get what you think! That’s been the storyline for Kim since season 1. It’s hard for everyone to be constantly questioning your sobriety. You walk into the room and that’s the topic of conversation. That would make me want to drink!”

“If you were concerned, you’d go to her when the cameras weren’t rolling and you’d say, ‘Listen – I’m here for you if you need help.’ And I’ve done that – Kim has never said she’s had a problem. And around me, she’s proper.” Hmmm… I mean I GET this, except Brandi talked about Kim’s sobriety UNSOLICITED to both Lisa and Jennifer on-camera, so what she’s saying here is hypocritical. She was complicit in a storyline about Kim’s sobriety. 

Brandi did believe Kim wasn’t sober during the season, poker night being the giveaway. “I didn’t know what she was doing that night! I did say something to Kim, and she said it was a slip and then it went away.” Since her arrest, Brandi says, “I’ve spoken to her, I told her I wouldn’t talk about it.” She doesn’t understand why Kim agreed to do the Dr. Phil interview

Switching gears to motherhood Brandi reveals Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump have babysat her kids in better times. “Because she lives around the corner I would drop the kids at Kyle’s while I’d shoot something for RHOBH. And we were always over at Lisa’s house because she has swans and a pink dog that my kids were obsessed with.” 

Brandi admits she’s “kind of gotten her head around” accepting Eddie’s marriage to LeAnn and their custody arrangement. “The kids are happiest when we’re all together getting along,” she explains. Brandi admits she’s glad her kids have a step-mom they really love and enjoy. She now knows her sons “only have one mom. As long as they’re saying nice things about what’s going on over there.”

Surprisingly, Brandi seems sincere and shadeless when she explains this. Good! “Divorce is perfect,” she admits of sharing custody, “because you get a break.” Now, “The only thing that pissed me off is when they give them really bad haircuts.” 

Brandi’s sons have, unfortunately, inherited her mouth. She said her son Jake, told her the other day she’s “a little chubby,” which shock her. However she let it go. “I’m not arguing with my 8-year-old about my body!” she laughs. Brandi also jokes that she wants JR to “get on his knee and give me a diamond so I can tell him no.” 


 [Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]