Video – Kim Zolciak Has An Airport Tantrum Following Dismal Dancing With The Stars Performance!

Kim Zolciak with Twins

Is Kim Zolciak already cracking under the pressure of Dancing With The Stars? The reality star was Atlanta-bound after last night’s dismal first performance and while at the airport she had an epic meltdown befitting of her twin toddlers! 

Kim accused Delta Airlines of intentionally trying to “separate” her and her luggage, which contained “very expensive items,” (her wigstand?!) when they informed her she arrived to too late to check bags. Did she believe the airline employees were trying to set her up to have items stolen during her flight from LA to Atlanta?


TMZ says Kim went ballistic and was apparently taking out her awful DWTS performance on airline employees! Kim hightailed it to LAX immediately following the live DWTS taping, so she could fly home and see Kroy. Kim’s frustration erupted because she checked-in last minute and was told by the ticketing agent there wasn’t enough time to check luggage for the same flight. 

Kim demanded an exemption because her “expensive stuff” is the most special expensive stuff and could get lost in transport. According to sources one of the Don’t Be Tardy star’s employees, traveling alongside her (her wigstand?!), also flipped out on airline representatives when he was told he couldn’t get a boarding pass. 

Kim’s people blame the airline entirely and accuse them of losing pre-purchased boarding passes. Kim, her daughter Brielle and Kim’s hair stylist were all due to be on that same flight, but the boarding passes couldn’t be located by the airline, so the group was re-booked for a much later 11:45 PM flight. Then Brielle was bumped, again, and placed on a wait list. In response Kim flipped out and berated the airline employees who eventually acquiesced to the scary woman in a 15b wig and plastic catface mask threatening to skin them alive and turn them into dance costumes, so they let the entire Biermann bunch on the 11:45 flight. 

Kim continued her Delta diatribe on Twitter where she lamented the airline’s abysmal customer service and vowed never to use the airline carrier again. Kim’s stylist Jack even went so far as to take photos of the “rude” Delta supervisor “Evelyn” according to Kim.

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Things didn’t improve on the flight – Kim was forced to listen to some guy chomp Skittles, and then arrived home to Comcast drama. “Why do you not have your shit together @comcast !! I’m over you like I am over Delta!” Kim complained. Life is soooooo hard when you’re Kim Z

You can see the video of Kim’s LAX fit below! 


[Photo Credit: Instagram]