Farrah Abraham Facing Legal Issues Over Celebrity Big Brother Brawl! Plus, Was Farrah Assaulted By Janice Dickinson?

Farrah Abraham Evicted From Celebrity Big Brother UK/Brawl

Farrah Abraham is certainly making a splash in the UK on Celebrity Big Brother. Or should I say a smash! 

After getting evicted, Farrah and warring ex-housemates participated in a panel show known as Bit On The Side where they “discussed” their issues in the house. Farrah’s housemates were frustrated by her aggressive attitude and Negative Nelly (newest blowup doll to add to the collection?!) behavior throughout CBB. As a result things bubbled over during Bit On The Side. 

Bit On The Side also featured Jenna Jameson, Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, Janice Dickinson, and Vicki Michelle. Jenna and Janice had been evicted that evening. 


Farrah’s inability to play well with others must have been a bad influence on the other stellar paragons of societal virtue, because the peaceable sit-down erupted into a brawl during live television, prompting the broadcast to be shuttered mid-programming! The fight started, ironically, over whose “anger issues” were more angrier: Aisleyne or Farrah

After calling each other bitch and hag, Farrah and Aisleyne couldn’t keep their hands – or their alcoholic beverages to themselves – and started throwing things. Because that’s how toddlers handle disagreements. Except mommy was unavailable to give them a time-out and evil stepmother Janice was only encouraging their naughty fighting! 

The Teen Mom OG star attempted to fling a champagne flute at Aisleyne, but missed. Accidentally the projectile struck innocent housemate Vicki. Vicki’s agent reveals that the 64-year-old actress is in “deep shock” over the unwarranted “attack” and sustained a concussion and whiplash as a result of being smacked in the back of the head with the glass. Vicki has decided to press charges against Farrah! At least Farrah wasn’t throwing around her cooch molds! 

“If I had been looking the other way I could have got it full in the face, she could have blinded me,” Vicki points out. “It was awful. She whacked the glass hard like a discus. It was the base of the glass and it shattered in my hair.”


The incident is being investigated by Hertfordshire Constabulary, although no arrests have been made. “Officers are currently making inquiries to establish the exact circumstances of what happened and will release further details when appropriate,” a representative for the police detailed. 

Following the incident, Farrah was seen being escorted from the studio by security. Perhaps that was for Farrah’s own safety, however, because Farrah claims it’s actually she who was the victim of pernicious assault! 

Now that she’s both homeless and potentially facing an international legal claim (MOTHER OF THE YEAR!), Farrah is defending herself. Farrah’s representative tells The Daily Mail that Farrah actually phoned the police and is fully cooperating with the police and her lawyer. Of course, Farrah didn’t notify the authorities benevolently, out of concern for Vicki’s health, she phoned them to report that she too was attacked – not once, but twice – during the same altercation! 

Per Farrah’s rep, “Farrah was assaulted twice last night during BBBOTS and was seen by a medic, having suffered injuries as a result of one of the assaults.” Farrah’s attorney is presently looking into the matter. 

Farrah injuries are reportedly the fault of Janice. Naturally there are two different stories about what caused the drama. On one side are Aisleyne, Vicki, and Janice; on the other side are Farrah, being defended by Jenna

The incident began as a war of words, as these things so often do, when Aisleyne called Farrah a “nasty horrible bitch” (sounds about right!) and told her to “f–k off back to America.” (We don’t want her!) 

Farrah shot back calling Aisleyne a “hag!” See, Farrah is turning British – keep her! Aisleyne then admits to taking it next level when she attempted to throw champagne (only the liquid – not the glass itself) at Farrah, but was “horrified” when Farrah retaliated by flinging not one, but two champagne flutes in her direction. 

According to Aisleyne, suddenly doused with morality, that was taking it too far! Obviously. “[Farrah] threw the glass at me. It smashed all over the floor and the desk,” she recounts. “Because it didn’t get me she picked up another glass, threw it and it smashed. She picked up Jenna’s (Jameson) glass and threw it.”

Describing situation as “like a western bar brawl,” Aisleyne now regrets trying to take on Farrah

She also regrets that Vicki was caught in the crosshairs, but you see, Aisleyne had to make the split second decision to save herself! “I was having to duck. I was ducking and diving. I was worried about the glass getting in my face,” Aisleyne insists. 

Vicki defends Aisleyne as being “in tears” over Farrah’s overboard reaction.

This is when Janice got involved. Following her eviction she was apparently feeling saucy. Via her agent Janice claims she was drawn into the melee by a compulsion to defend the hapless Vicki and she threw herself – SELFLESSLY – in front of the path of another glass incidentally headed Vicki’s way. Janice reports that she was bruised in the process. How dreadful! 

Janice was not about to let Farrah get away with assaulting the elderly, so she picked up a chair or two and flung it at America’s favorite delusion. 

Jenna, who was a witness to the entire situation, announced on twitter that Janice allegedly “went on a rampage” and hit Farrah in the back and head with a chair.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 1.52.20 PM


Additionally Jenna complained over being the unintended recipient of Aisleyne’s flying champagne, which was supposed to hit Farrah! Dang – these girls need to work on their aim! Except Janice – she’s got that covered. Jenna denies that she and Farrah were escorted from the set by security, she tweeted, “We left by choice, since others were so insane.”

Because of all the drama, Farrah decided not to attend last night’s finale. She explained, “I don’t wish to put myself in a potentially hostile situation #Cbb.” A “hostile situation” which she caused…

Farrah instead promoted “#WorldPeace” and promised to share her “truth” once she recovered. Farrah has apparently been wheelchair-bound since the chair assault. 

As for what’s next, Jenna and Farrah are hoping to take their porn-stars-but-not act on the road and are advocating for “Jarrah” to land their own reality show! If ever two people deserved each other… 


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