Farrah Abraham Wants Brody Jenner’s Sex Talk Show, Gives Daughter $600 From The Tooth Fairy

Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham‘s making the most of her appearance on Botched this week, launching new products left and right, giving countless interviews, and showing off her questionable parenting decisions. The girl never stops hustling.

In a recent interview, the Teen Mom OG star questioned whether or not Brody Jenner was qualified to host his new sex talk show on E!, Sex with Brody. Farrah, who recently launched a new line of sex toys for women, asked, “Does Brody even have any novelty items?”

Farrah added, “I think Brody should take a break and it should be called Sex with Farrah. I feel like a sex talk show with me wold pretty much be epic. I think I would send all of my call-ins my novelty toys.” Watch your back, Brody!


Farrah also pitched her family for Celebrity Family Feud, saying, “It would be killer.”

The self-described “boss” shared what she looks for in a man (um, other than, eager to be engaged). Farrah‘s ideal boyfriend “can equally be boss, because there are lots of people who don’t know how to be leaders and how to be supportive of my career in reality television and film. It’s hard. There are lots of layers to me.”

Farrah, who at 24 years old has had two boob jobs, a nose job, a chin implant (which she later has removed), cheek and lip fillers, and a failed attempt at a lip implant (hence her appearance on Botched), said women shouldn’t be shamed for having plastic surgery.

“Envisioning themselves in a certain way and doing something about it… I think people should be welcomed and loved for that,” shared Farrah. “If you disagree, then by all means that’s your point of view, but in no way, shape, or form does that affect how somebody envisions themselves, because that’s what’s naturally ingrained in somebody’s mind, body, and heart, and there’s no way to take that away from someone.”

Farrah has plans to be the best plastic surgeon in the nation – for real – and she is not shy about the fact that she is “super supportive” of her six-year-old daughter’s future desires for plastic surgery.

“If she validly wants something that’s not outlandish, and she envisions herself that way, well then, I’m going to support that,” Farrah said about Sophia. “Hopefully by that time, I’ll have like fifteen years or so, I’ll be out with my PhD and my doctorate, and I will be able to help her clinically and personally. I am super supportive in that and I hope to help her in the best ways possible.”

In other ‘questionable parenting decisions’ news, the “tooth fairy” recently gave Sophia a purse, jewelry, and six $100 bills for losing her two front teeth. Clearly, Farrah approached this parenting task by asking, “What would Jesus my John do?”


Farrah: “Sophia lost her 2 front teeth! Busy Tooth Fairy!”

Sophia Lost Two Front Teeth


Photo Credit: E! and Facebook