Is Brooks Ayers faking cancer?

Meghan King Edmonds has made it her personal mission to discredit Brooks Ayers. In my opinion, as far as missions go, it’s a stupid one. Now Brooks says he’s had enough of her probing and insinuates he may be taking legal action against Meghan! 

The newbie Real Housewives Of Orange County star has been going above and beyond to prove Brooks is faking his cancer diagnosis. Brooks’s repeatedly states, “I have cancer.” 


In this week’s episode Brooks finally shared medical-ish records to say he has SupercagifragilisticExpialidosishorribilous Non-Hodgens Lymphoma. Brooks also revealed that his recent PET/CT scan showed his cancerous masses growing? (Spreading?) 

Instead of Meghan just following her co-stars’ advice to let the situation expose itself, she, again, called Brooks‘ doctors , reporting that Brooks lied about the scan. Brooks has repeatedly taken to social media to blame Bravo for making his cancer look suspicious by accusing the network of preventing him from providing evidence. Was he referring to this? Or his earthing practitioner? 

In an effort to defend himself outside of Andy Cohen’s Editing Factory, Brooks did an interview to insist his cancer was not only real, but is improving since he turned to juicing alternative medicines. “I’m not running from anything,” he declared, stating he shouldn’t have to show his medical records to the public.

Brooks also called out Meghan and other Real Housewives Of Orange County stars for causing unnecessary drama and promoting incorrect information about cancer treatments

All along Vicki Gunvalson has stood by Brooks and defended his health claims. Until recently.

On Monday Vicki tweeted, “I only know what was told to me, and I stood behind the person I loved during this time we were together.” She added, ” I would never LIE for anyone.” (Except Tamra!)

With Brooks under constant siege from Meghan’s inquisition, the two argued on twitter about her findings and “breach of privacy.” 

It began after a twitter user accused Meghan of calling the wrong Newport Imaging thus misrepresenting their services. (Note many people have said certain locations due PET/CT scans for NHL, I personally haven’t the inclination, nor time that Meghan does to verify this). 

Meghan responded by blaming Newport Imaging. “Call and ask. Website not updated. They refer to Hoag. Whoops.” (Several people claimed to have actually taken Meghan’s advice and called, only to be told she’s wrong. Again – not verified by me.). 

“No ‘whoops’ here,” Brooks snapped back. “You continue to breach my boundaries after numerous requests to not. #thisischildish #growup” Hey – Meghan is 31 now

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 5.35.22 PM

When it was suggested Brooks take Meghan to court. His reply, “Stay tuned…” 

Since Meghan relishes a fighting for “TRUTH!” and “JUSTICE!” she’s eager to take on the challenge. It will give her an opportunity to get on Google and show off how she became a lawyer in 30 days or less, then represent herself in court. Next season’s storyline?

I’m sure Jimmy Dad Jeans would love paying for an attorney!

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 5.40.14 PM

Meghan does realize that regardless of whether or not Brooks has cancer, STALKING is illegal. Even if the person is scum. Something tells me Meghan thinks the legal system works like a Legally Blonde movie.  

Moving on, now that Brooks has dumped Vicki and is living in Florida looking for his next grift he’s enjoying the single life. 

An eyewitness claims to have spotted Brooks and 5 other guys “living it up” at Cyn Nightclub in Ft. Lauderdale. 

“He was drinking,” the source told Us Weekly. “It looked like some sort of guys-night-out situation.” Brooks is, by his own declaration, abstaining while he undergoes immunity-boosting treatments in lieu of chemo. 

Despite hitting the sauce, Brooks was reported as looking “in great shape.” Well, errrrrr, that’s good? 


[Photo Credit: Bravo] 



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