Brooks Ayers Calls Out Tamra Judge, Meghan Edmonds, And Shannon Beador

Brooks Ayers

Here it is, the post nobody has been waiting for… part two of Brooks Ayers defending himself against those on the Real Housewives of Orange County who believe he’s lying about having cancer. In part one, Brooks insisted he does have cancer and refrained from calling out anyone by name. He does not hold back this time.

“Most of the women are making on the minor stuff in my opinion, and so yeah, there’s gonna be some questions being asked, but the challenge for me – if you’ve got questions, come to me directly,” said Brooks. “Don’t talk behind my back, don’t assume and try to put the pieces together. There’s only been one time that these ladies have ever asked me about my cancer and my treatment.”


Brooks said he appreciates how Terry and Heather Dubrow have handled the drama. As for Tamra Judge and Meghan Edmonds, he implied (IMO) that they’re not smart enough to handle the situation with tact.

Heather and Terry are the ones that really have proven to be natural in this. I think they’re smart enough, savvy enough to understand they don’t know all the details,” shared Brooks. “While they may have some questions and concerns, each and every time they’ve specifically asked me anything – on or off camera – I’ve answered them. Tamra, Meghan – not so much.”

Brooks doesn’t understand why Shannon Beador is so bothered by him not seeing her doctor.

Shannon and David, quite frankly, while they started being nice supporters of Vicki [Gunvalson] and myself, it was odd to me that Shannon gets all upset and bent out of shape that I didn’t go see her world renowned physician, when in fact, I got world renowned class facilities that I’ve been going to for a year and a half. It’s not about who I go to,” Brooks stated. “I thought it was about me getting well and better.”

Brooks questioned, “It’s interesting to note that none of the women since we’ve gotten through filming in May have reached out to me asking how am I doing or how are my numbers going. If they sincerely cared about me as an individual and my family, then wouldn’t you think they would reach out off camera?? Even on camera??”

Yeah, that is not how the reality TV game is played, Brooks. They are saving their displays of concern (or their attacks, depending on what “truth” is yet to be revealed) for the reunion. Whether or not Brooks shows up for the reunion remains to be seen, however, considering he (perhaps conveniently) broke up with Vicki before the big day.


Photo Credit: Bravo