Meghan King Edmonds Was Truly Trying To Help And Prevent Us From Believing In Brooks’ “Dangerous” Treatment! Tamra Judge Doesn’t Believe Brooks Has Cancer!

Meghan admits to stalking

Meghan King Edmonds has many things she would like to clear up and she’d also like to defend her title as World’s Coolest Stepmom (more like World’s Craziest Stepmom!) Reacting to last night’s episode of Real Housewives Of Orange County when Meghan confessed to what amounts to stalking Brooks Ayers – dang why are so many ladies obsessed with this man (#dickmatized!) – she insists she truly believed Brooks had cancer (she did?) and was just trying to help (by hunting down his exes?).

Because Meghan feels her actions were done with purity of heart, she doesn’t owe anyone an apology. Just how far is Pink Panther planning to take this quest for justice? #Knowledge 


But first, regarding Hayley throwing a kegger while both sets of her parents were out of town, it wasn’t Hayley’s fault – according to Meghan all these kids were just dying to party at Jimmy Dad Jean‘s house because he’s like soooooo famous! “Hayley is just a normal teenager who often forgets that much of her life has been in the spotlight due to her dad’s incredible baseball career and ‘friends of friends of friends’ wanted to go to ‘Jim Edmonds’ daughter’s party,'” humble-brags Meghan. “It got out of hand to the point where she had trouble controlling the situation.” 

But of course, “Teenagers will be teenagers,” defends Meghan (she would know!) who insists Hayley was “deeply apologetic.” Does anyone else think Meghan is the long-lost spawn of Caroline Manzo?

But don’t worry – everyone was “furious” – most of all Meghan, and Hayley “learned her lesson.” Of course, there’s only so much a stepmom can do to make up for 17 years of bad parenting! Since LeeAnn (and Meghan living vicarious through her) was sick with cancer at the time, she “didn’t have the energy to deal with Hayley’s repercussions.” Of course, Meghan isn’t responsible she’s only a stepmother who straddles “a fine line between ‘friend’ and ‘mom.'” 

Moving on to BrooksMeghan just simply cannot learn her own lesson about keeping her mouth shut and defends her actions as benevolent. “I truly believed Brooks had cancer and I was truly concerned for his health and treatment options,” writes Meghan in her Bravo Blog. “I searched online for information because I wanted to know the truth about The Cancer.” *note to Meghan – Amber Marchese owns ‘The Cancer’ ya copy cat! 

Since Meghan is hoarding getting attention for cancer for herself, she had to make sure Brooks wasn’t “exploiting the platform for the sake of themselves and not the cause.” It’s also Doc McMeghan’s (who earned her degree from the Fisher Price Medical Academy) duty to educate us because Brooks is “spreading the word about a potentially dangerous ‘treatment’ which I find highly unethical.” THIS PERSON IS BATSHIT CRAZY!!! DANIELLE STAUB IS LESS CRAZY!  

“I am concerned with getting attention and 15 minutes of fame by hijacking someone’s terminal illness truth and I believe trust needs to be earned,” declares ME-ME-MEghan. “Once inconsistencies with Brooks and Vicki’s story started adding up and when Vicki got immensely defensive and attacked me for unrelated topics, I began to find The Cancer suspicious. At the point in this episode, I did not believe that Brooks had cancer.”

On a list of Meghan’s reasons why Brooks was lying about cancer: 

— He occasionally drinks alcohol despite being on a cleanse “(HELLO SUGAR)” 

— He travels while heaving cancer, “Even Briana said this was not okay.” (uhhhhhh… I know LOTS of cancer patients who travel. Are they supposed to sit at home and feel sick. Maybe Meghan can just do that for them. Out of the goodness of her heart! 

— “He skipped Shannon’s MD appointment because he got two flat tires. This is Brooks‘ life! Why didn’t he take an Uber? Or reschedule?” I’ll give Meghan this one, unless there is more to this Shannon’s doctor thing we don’t know. 

— The doctor Brooks cited as spoken to who rid himself of cancer with resveratrol is not an oncologist. “Even Heather said so.” NOTE: Brooks never said that was his treating oncologist. 


Meghan will concede that stalking Brooks’ ex maaaaybe was too far, but she was desperate to help! “I contacted his ex-girlfriend to find out more information. Did I go too far? Yes. I should have let it go. I am embarrassed that I dug so deeply. I didn’t trust Brooks or Vicki and I wanted to find an answer, but the way I went about it was wrong.” How about Meghan get so involved in finding out why her marriage isn’t working? Or why she is so obsessed with people she doesn’t know?

Meghan also complains that Vicki expects Tamra to be a loyal friend. “Vicki seems to be very concerned with loyalty when it comes to Tamra and about respecting her elders.  At this point, Vicki hasn’t earned my respect. And it’s not fair to Tamra to play the loyalty card with her.” It’s not fair Tamra to be loyal to her fiend of many years over a pathetic famewhore she’s known 10 minutes. Mmmmkay el insane one!  

“The truth is, if Vicki was loyal to Tamra she would’ve told Jimmy and me that Brooks said to HER (and not Tamra) what Jimmy supposedly said at the hockey game about our marriage (which is strange that they wouldn’t address it to my husband when I brought it up, another lie I believe Brooks told),” rambles Meghan. Oh honey – of all the things Brooks may lie about, you hubby not wanting to be married to you is written all over his miserable face. I’m just adding it to the list of reasons I’m embarrassed for you! (right above pink hair and under stalking Brooks). 

Meghan promises to “seek answers until there is a cure, justice, or truth is exposed.” Or until she is fired from RHOC.  “From now on, the audience can decide what their truth might be.” Sweet pea – we all know you can’t shut up. Not now, not then, not ever. 

Also chiming in to add her two-cents (if Ryan hasn’t ‘borrowed’ them yet) is Tamra. Now that Vicki was dumped by Brooks, she has no problems admitting she never believed Brooks’ cancer tale. 

“I’m not a doctor, but I feel like it’s fishy,” Tamra reveals to People. “The whole cast is like, ‘this does not sound right.’ ” Tamra questions the reason Brooks gave for “quitting chemo” as he didn’t “feel like doing it anymore.” 

“I can understand if you were deathly ill and chemo was giving you secondary infections and you couldn’t leave your bed and you were so sick … but when you are going to Mexico and having drinks at parties and you’re like ‘ehh…’. It’s just weird.” Tamra says no one on the cast believes Brooks story now, but Vicki is still sticking by her ex, even though he dumped her.


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