Celebrity Gene Fires Farrah Abraham For Not Selling Her DNA – Says Farrah Cares About Sex Toys, Not Charity

Farrah Abraham DNA

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to buy your very own piece of Farrah Abraham‘s DNA – aren’t we all? – today is it. Reason #1 – It’s on sale. You can own a piece of Farrah for only $49.99. Believe it or not the regular price is $99. Reason #2 – Farrah has been fired by the company that sells the DNA, so she won’t get any money.

Farrah announced that her DNA was for sale in June. Her cut was to be 10%.

“I would like to use this platform and DNA-based jewelry item to raise money for Operation Underground Railroad,” said Farrah. “Giving hope and knowledge can create change through DNA. When my daughter Sophia had to get a DNA test it changed her life and created a better future for her. I hope my legacy can change the world for the younger generation and save them from sex trafficking for a brighter future.”


So how did Farrah manage to get fired from possibly the easiest “job” ever?!?

Well rumor has it that the Teen Mom star was fired for two reasons. Reason #1 – Absolutely NO ONE has bought a vial of Farrah’s DNA thus far. I’m shocked! (sarcasm) Reason #2 – The company, Celebrity Gene, blames Farrah for the no sales. They said she is too self-involved and focused on her coochie molds.

TMZ reported, “We obtained the scathing letter CG’s publicity company, ZTPR, fired off severing ties with the Backdoor Teen Mom. It says Farrah ‘would much rather talk about your female body parts in order to generate more profits for yourself’ rather than charity.”

To support their claim, Celebrity Gene brought attention to this quote from Farrah about her line of sex toys: “Another one of my absolute favorites is my full on vibrating p—y and ass molded from my very own body.” First, GROSS. Second, the supporting statement wasn’t needed. I mean, these people had to be the only people left on the planet who didn’t know Farrah is all about Farrah.


Photo Credit: Channel 5 via WENN.com