Jill Zarin and Rebecca Romijn Dish With Andy About Bethenny Frankel, Brooks Ayers’ Cancer, Mario Singer’s Cheating And Much More!

 jill zarin

Jill Zarin and Rebecca Romijn were guests on Watch What Happens Live tonight and we got some insight into how Jill feels about her broken friendship with Bethenny Frankel.  Rebecca, who is a total Real Housewives superfan (along with her husband Jerry O’Connell), shared her thoughts on the Brooks Ayers cancer storyline

First, I have to give Jill a little shoutout.  I don’t know what’s in the water in NYC, but the ladies all seem to be aging backwards!  Jill looked amazing tonight – the photo above doesn’t do her justice. 

Andy plays a clip from Bethenny Frankel’s interview a while back where she discusses hearing that Jill wanting to take her down and more.  Jill’s response to the video is “well, I didn’t believe her when she said she wasn’t angry. She sounded angry.  I’ll tell you and I wanna say this.. I miss her and I wanna make amends with her. We tried two years ago and she’s way moved on and I’ve way moved on but there’s something about us together that was really incredible.  I would like to make up with her, like truly.” 

Rebecca Romijn asks if Jill watches the show now and Jill says of course she does.  When Rebecca asks what she thinks of Bethenny now, Jill says “that’s a long conversation.”  Jill adds that Bethenny needs a friend like her in real life. “When we were good, we were really good together and I loved her, I loved her like a sister.  Like I really loved her.” She says she really felt like she was in a girl band, not a solo.  “She wanted to be in a solo, but I wanted to be in a girl band.  So that was where we disconnected.”

A caller asks Rebecca what she thinks about Brooks’ cancer situation on RHOC.  Rebecca doesn’t understand why he doesn’t just come clean with everything.  She thinks it’s all very shady.  Jill chimes in since her husband Bobby has cancer, too, and says it’s very easy for Brooks to clear up this mess.  She says if anyone questioned Bobby’s, she has a portal she could give them with all of his records from Mayo, Sloan Kettering, etc.  She wonders why Brooks hasn’t visited a major cancer institute. 

Another caller asks Jill if she was surprised to hear about Ramona and Mario Singer’s split.  “I’m not surprised.  I’m very sad for her.  I know she loved Mario very much.  I know she will find happiness.  I do.”   Andy mentions that Ramona got upset with Jill for talking about seeing Mario at a party with the “other woman.”  Jill says, “We were on a reality show together and if I wasn’t, I would’ve been girl coding all the way.  But because she was outing Luann every other minute about her cheating and her husband cheating and all these horrible infidelities when her (Ramona) own husband was doing it to her.  Everybody knew it. And you know, that was a reality show. I outed him and I was right.” 

Andy asks Jill why she wouldn’t participate in the 100th episode special.  He says that he read that she said Bravo didn’t want her to do it.  “I never said that.”  Andy says, “you did, you said on Huffington Post Live, ‘I feel that they didn’t want me to come on.'”  Jill says “wait, it says I FEEL like they didn’t want me to come on.”  Andy wants her to explain why she FELT they didn’t want her to do it. “Because it’s all in my head.”  Andy says “It must be exhausting being in your head.”  She still tries to clarify but doesn’t really explain herself. 

The next caller asks Jill who she thinks was the best addition and the worst addition to RHONY since she left. “I love them all. I do. Dorinda and I have been long time friends and I think Bethenny is great on the show. I do.  I think she’s hysterical.  I love her one liners.” 

A Twitter fan asks Rebecca if she thinks Tamra Judge’s baptism is legit.  “It’s so funny, Jerry just said ‘why is she getting baptized?’  and I said ‘because she’s on a reality show?'” 

Andy’s Jackhole of the Day went to Ramona Singer because she Tweeted earlier tonight that she had pink eye and was still going out on the town anyway!  Nothing stands in the way of her Turtle Time, y’all! 


 Photo Credit: Twitter