Kim Fields On Learning To Throw Shade And Why She Isn’t Afraid Of Real Housewives Of Atlanta!

Kim Fields talks RHOA on Wendy Williams

Has Kim Fields abandoned acting to act a fool on Real Housewives Of Atlanta? Not a chance! The former child superstar, will make her Housewives and reality television debut this Sunday, and Kim will not be twirling her way into any unscrupulous drama. 

As the season grows closer to premiering, Kim’s hair seems to grow bigger and bigger… Preemptive shock? We are entering Diana Ross territory, meaning amazingness. Sitting down with Wendy Williams, while wearing a custom-made “Blessed” dress, Kim makes it clear that’s how she feels about life and the opportunity to be part of Real Housewives Of Atlanta


Wendy confesses to begging Kim not to do the show – for Kim’s own protection. “Why would you want to swim in the gutter?” Wendy questions. No shade there – just straight to the point bitchiness! 

After being asked to do various reality shows (including doing her own show) for years, Real Housewives Of Atlanta made sense to Kim because “it’s the biggest platform.”

“When this opportunity came up it became, ‘Go big or go home,'” describes Kim. “If you’re gonna put your toe in the water, put your toe in the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean!” 

Kim acknowledges she’s not the usual Housewives-type: she doesn’t throw shade, is a homebody focused on family, faith, and business, and she’s not catty, or a lady who lunches. However, Real Housewives Of Atlanta seemed like an “adventure.” 

Before officially getting involved, Kim ran it by Chip Fields, her momager since the start of her career. After her mom got over the initial shock that Kim was being considered, she was encouraging. “First of all, she was like ‘They called you?!'” was Chip’s incredulous reaction. “And then she said, ‘Baby, if you can be light, then be light. Take care of my babies, take care of your man. You do what you want to do.’ And she understood the whole idea of the adventure of it, but she said, kind of, ‘Get in and get out.’ so to speak.” So basically do it for a season for a career resurgence, then bail before Bravo starts mucking with your reputation! 

For now, Kim believes Bravo, Andy, and the producers chose her because they recognized the need to throw “something different in the mix” to shake up the status quo. “They were just so used to running it this [same] way,” observes Kim. 

“You’re still gonna get everything everybody’s normally used to, but you definitely have something a little different,” promises Kim. Among the many things Kim encountered: shade, girl code, and navigating cattiness. 

“I’m not a real girlfriend type of person,” Kim explains. “I’ve got friends, but not like a social circle, so it was almost like a social adventure for me.” 

I heard ‘ratchet’ but I wasn’t sure… Then when I’m talking and they’re like ‘Oh that’s shade!’; I’m like, ‘Oh Jesus NO! That’s not shade, I just don’t know!” 

Kim’s husband Chris plus their two sons will make appearances, along with her sister Alexis. Kim says viewers can expect integrity.”My reactions are real. We are true to us,” insists Kim.

Yet, Kim acknowledges her fans – including Wendy – had serious reservations and concerns about how she will be portrayed, or how allowing reality TV into her bubble could affect her life. Kim is not concerned, citing a solid family foundation and sense of self. 

“The woman that you all have helped to raise in your own way by pouring into my career and my spirit, that’s the same chick that shows up, OK?” says Kim adamantly. “So I’m true to myself. We gonna do us.” 

You can check out Kim’s appearance on Wendy Williams below. She also talks The Facts Of Life and growing up in Hollywood. 

Gotta say – I agree with Kim: Real Housewives Of Atlanta did need something different and I applaud her diligence in being herself with no pretenses. She seems refreshing, light-hearted, and fun. HOWEVER – as a longtime lover of The Facts Of Life, I too am worried. Bravo better not f–k with our Tootie! 


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