Photos: Sheree Whitfield And Marlo Hampton BOTH Return To Real Housewives Of Atlanta For Season 8

<> at Ventanas on August 7, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Apparently ‘Check My Charges’ Marlo Hampton now fits the Real Housewives Of Atlanta brand just like Sheree “She By SheBroke” Whitfield does! How the mighty have fallen. Despite promises of revamping Atlanta Housewives, Bravo decided, instead, to turn back time by returning BOTH Marlo and Sheree for season 8 – and they’re already fighting up a storm but not with each other… (Yet). 

But seriously, Bravo: Are there NO exciting, classy, rich women in Atlanta?! 

The new season of RHOA finally – officially – kicked off filming because NeNe Leakes‘ abrupt departure put the show in a tailspin. Reports from sources close to production say that Sheree has finalized her Bravo contract and is returning as a full time Housewife! 


Perhaps with Sheree’s new-found injection of capital, the grand palace of sticks and even grander delusions, Chateau Sheree, will finally be completed! 

TMZ also confirms that Marlo is back – but only as a ‘Friend’ and will make an “occasional appearance.” Those occasional appearances started this weekend! 

Friday night, Cynthia Bailey had a launch party for her eyewear company (yawn), Cynthia Bailey Eyewear. Kenya Moore, Kandi Burruss, Phaedra Parks, and Porsha Williams were all in attendance for the first official party of the new season. Also joining them were Sheree and Marlo – Marlo under the guise that she has remained close friends with Cynthia and Kenya. 

Unfortunately Peachter Thomas, who is now trying to assert himself as HBIC to fill the vacancy left by NeNe, got into an argument with Porsha and Marlo during the party! Uhhhh… really Bravo? Really???

That wasn’t the only eruption however; Kenya got into a fight with Sheree and it resulted in one lady throwing water on the other. #TheWitchIsMelting! #WhichWitchIsIt? It seems without NeNe there to instill the order and unite the dissenters against her, it’s all anarchy in Atlanta! 

E! News reports that Bravo is still considering adding Kim Fields as a full-time cast member, but it’s up in the air at this point if she’ll make the cut. StraightFromTheA, however, reveals that although Kim “taped with several of the cast over the past month, but she was referred to as being ‘too dry’ in every scene.” 

Despite whisperings that Bravo wanted to class-up RHOA as they’ve done with other Housewives franchises, and develop totally new storylines, it seems instead they’re amping up the manufactured and fake drama to an outrageous level. 

I am She By SheBroke‘s biggest fan, so I am ecstatic about her return. Marlo = too desperate. 

Oh, and in case you’re wondering why so many has-beens have been recalled from the sidelines, and why the drama is maximum fake, Carlos King is reportedly also back Executive Producing now that NeNe is on to bigger and better things. And he is staging a pissing contest to assert his authority as the one who is able to bring ratings to RHOA. Also Porsha will return as a Full-Time cast member especially with her new relationship to a younger NFL player who reportedly worships her!

Photos from Cynthia’s Eyewear Launch are below!