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In case you hadn’t noticed Porsha Williams was like really,really, really, REALLY excited about her relationship with NFL player Duke Williams. They’ve broken up since Porsha threw him a Baby-Man-Child Sip & See/Goodbye Party on Real Housewives Of Atlanta, but Porsha is still disappointed that her business partners, family and so-called friends weren’t more supportive of her showing her crazy and desperate with a 24-year-old fling. 

Porsha was genuinely “surprised” by how judgmental her Naked business team was towards her love life. “I feel like when I’m in a relationship, I’m at my best,” she insists.” I mean, like so what if a girl wants to get DUKE 4 EVA tattooed on her booty after 2 minutes in the sack?! It’s like, love. 


“If your personal life is good and you have a solid support system at home, you can go conquer the world. So, I really didn’t understand what they were saying,” complains Porsha of her teams skepticism. “I think they were coming from a place of what would happen if I break up with that individual, and that could possibly be true.” Maybe they were coming from a place of her being unstable and obsessed and turning into Lifetime Movie territory once Duke entered witness protection to escape her ‘devotion’? 

Porsha isn’t just disappointed with her Team, she’s “shocked as hell” that her friends and family were mocking her relationship and spreading rumors about Duke based on what they read in the media. 

“Honestly, I didn’t know all that gossiping was going on. Later when I found out, I was pissed. I was really upset because, as you can see, I put a lot into that freaking party,” seethes Porsha.


“I felt like I had prepped everybody, I had pulled all my friends to the side and told everybody, ‘This party’s for Duke, I’m so excited. We’re going to send him off, he’s going to go and kill it this season. I want him to feel love and support,'” says an angry Porsha. “And later on when I see all this negative energy was in his party, I was really upset with each person, and I had to talk to each individual about how I felt.” 

Maybe it’s karma that no one was excited about Duke – because Porsha sure wasn’t excited when her sister Lauren announced her pregnancy! 

“I was in shock,” admits Porsha who was able to stop focusing on herself long enough to notice “little things” being off about Lauren. Little things that affected Porsha, however. “For instance we used to meet a couple times a week. Well, that had turned into once a week, then it had turned into just phone calls, and I felt like she was trying to hide something. But of course she was just trying to hide that her stomach was getting bigger.”

Porsha had been asking Lauren if everything was OK, but Lauren insisted she was just working too hard. “So when I finally found out that she was pregnant, I was like, ‘It all makes sense!'”

“Of course I’m happy for her, but I look forward to the day that I’ll be pregnant too,” says a wistful WHAT ABOUT PORSHA. “And like I revealed on the show, there was a part of me that was like, ‘I’m supposed to be pregnant!‘” Well, Porsha, try to work on getting a relationship going and then the baby might come next.

Porsha isn’t just concerned about potentially turning into Kenya Moore in the man and baby department, she’s worried about how Lauren’s pregnancy will affect WHAT ABOUT PORSHA’s company, Naked Lingerie.

“My baby sister Lauren has been my right hand, and now you know she’s expecting. So we had our ups and downs as far as me filling in and doing what I needed to do to cover and preparing for her to leave the company while she’s having her baby; it has been a big deal,” Porsha acknowledges in her blog. “But she and I have put so much into this, I’ve put a lot of money into Naked Lingerie, so it has to be successful and at this point.” 

Porsha is “super excited” about the success of Naked Lingerie, and all the variety of sizes and styles it offers all women. Especially her new girls “Coco and Chanel.” #ThisIsWhyYoureSingle  


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