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I’ve never been shy about the fact that I like what Kenya Moore brings to the Real Housewives of Atlanta. That said, just because I find her special brand of crazy entertaining, doesn’t mean I agree with everything she does and says. Kenya took to her blog to break down this week’s episode, and to be honest, I think she totally missed the mark on two of the three storylines she touched on.

Despite the fact delusion that Kenya and Kim Fields have so much in common and, you know, Hollywood has been so good to both of them, they didn’t exactly hit it off.

“I have worked with Kim in the past, when I was a guest star on the ’90s sitcom Living Single and later on Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns,” shared Kenya. “We joked about how shady she was to me back then during our meeting. I was a bit taken aback at the side eyes and shade she threw my way. As far as now, she was very reserved and subdued, a far cry from the fun and feisty character she played in the ’90s.”


The bottom line: Kim Fields, a real person, is standoffish; Regine Hunter, a fictional character, is feisty. My guess is that Kim tends to hold back a little bit around people she doesn’t know well, but Kenya expected more from her given their “bond” and all.

As for Kenya‘s thoughts on Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey‘s relationship, she lost me with “Peter truly loves Cynthia.” Just, NO. “I’ve never been married or ever lived with anyone,” said Kenya. “I cannot imagine having to broach the subject of divorce. I know for a fact Cynthia was negatively impacted by Peter’s reckless behavior. However, I believe Peter truly loves Cynthia, and I hope they can work it out, God willing.”

What I do agree with is Kenya‘s take on Phaedra Parks, Kandi Burruss, and their estranged friendship. The problem lies, IMO, with Fakedra.

Kenya shared, “Speaking from experience, I do not know what’s in Phaedra‘s heart. She often says one thing but has contradictory actions. I also believe Phaedra holds grudges. Kandi has been the most loyal friend I had ever seen, and she would not have done anything to jeopardize their friendship.”

“I simply do not believe Phaedra is capable of truly wiping the slate clean,” said Kenya. “She pointed so many fingers at Kandi but never took responsibility for her own actions that may have led them to be in the place they are. Sometimes two people simply grow apart. Only time will tell.”


Photo Credit: Mark Hill/Bravo

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