Kyle Richards on WWHL

Lisa Edelstein and Kyle Richards are Andy Cohen’s guests on Watch What Happens Live tonight following the season premiere of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Andy kicks off the show with reactions to David Foster and Yolanda Foster announcing their divorce. Kyle says the news came as a surprise, in the sense that she didn’t know about it ahead of time, but she adds, “I think they’ve been struggling. Yolanda’s been so sick, I don’t know if that has anything to do with it, I have no idea. It’s just really sad.”

Kyle says, when she ran into David recently at Kris Jenner’s birthday party, he didn’t let on that there was trouble in the lemon grove. Yolanda wasn’t at the party with David. She was in New York City with daughter Gigi for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. “I do feel really bad,” shares Kyle. “She’s struggling right now. To have to go through that at the same time as dealing with Lyme disease, it’s going to be hard.”


Andy says, “It’s just wild because it was such a love story. They talked so much about how in love they were with each other.” One could argue, couples who are in love do not feel the need to try and convince others how in love they are. They just… are.

“I’m sure they were,” says Kyle, “and maybe they are. Life and marriage can be difficult at times and she’s faced a lot of challenges this year.”

Andy mentions how everyone was obsessing over Yolanda‘s lack of makeup at Lisa Rinna‘s birthday party, which sparked outrage on Twitter.

Kyle clarifies, “When I made my comment in my interview, saying in Beverly Hills for a woman to go out without makeup is shocking, I mean women in general. I actually think Yolanda looked great without makeup, and not many women can pull that off.”

A caller asks Kyle if she watched Kim Richards on Dr. Phil. “It was difficult to watch,” shares Kyle. “It was sad. It was a very difficult time for everybody. It was not fun to watch. It was painful.”

Kyle adds, “Kim is doing really well right now, I’m happy to say. She’s in a very good place. We’re much better than we were when you guys last saw us, at the reunion, which was horrible. We’re doing much better. “

Andy brings up that Kyle and Kim watched the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills uncensored special, which heavily focused on the infamous limo scene, together. “I didn’t know it was going to be on there,” claims Kyle. “In one sense, there’s a relief and being able to be open and honest about things that were not then, but on the other hand, it’s like, can’t we just move on and forget about this whole thing.”

A viewer says Kyle‘s face looks different and asks if she had a nose job. “No,” she says, “I started shading it. Maybe I got carried away.”

Circling back to Yolanda‘s appearance at Lisa‘s party, a viewers wants to know Kyle‘s thoughts on Ken Todd‘s “offensive” comments about Yolanda.

Kyle agrees that Ken‘s talking head was harsh, where he said, “It’s always nice to be told by a man that you’re looking good. I’m sure if Yolanda looked like she did, there’s not many people telling her that she looked good.” But, she doesn’t think he said anything offensive at the party, “He just said she didn’t look well. I didn’t really interpret it like that.” 

Poll – Whose tagline is your favorite?

Lisa Vanderpump – “I am passionate about dogs – just not crazy about bitches.” – 54%
Yolanda Foster – “Fake friends believe rumors. Real friends believe in you.” – 20%
Kyle Richards – “In Beverly Hills, you can be anything, but it’s important to be yourself.” – 10%
Lisa Rinna – “My lips are made for talking, and that is exactly what they’ll do.” – 8%
Eileen Davidson – “Just because I am an actress doesn’t mean I will stick to your script.” – 8%


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