Kyle Richards Is Living Her Dream Life With Mauricio; Says Kim’s Alcoholism Will Always Be Present


Kyle Richards and her family are featured in the new issue of People magazine and in it The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star talks about marriage, Kim Richards’ alcoholism, aging in Hollywood and more. 

On her marriage of 19 years to Mauricio Umansky, Kyle says, “We obviously have our moments, but we’re a really good match.  Watching the show has made me realize how well we get along with each other!”  

She doesn’t shy away from the topic of her sister Kim’s struggle with sobriety.  She revealed, “I used to be very angry. We had so many fights about her issues over the years.” And once those fights started happening on reality TV?  “People were like, ‘Poor Kim.’ I felt like, ‘Wait I’m confused. I thought we were the victims!’ It made me realize it is a disease, and she can’t help this. And I’ve handled things differently since then.”   Including the realization that this won’t ever be “fixed” completely.  “I’m always waiting for the end, like when is this over? When can we put this away? But you can’t ever do that with an alcoholic. I’ve had to learn that. And I’m still learning.” 


Kyle dished a bit on plastic surgery and aging in Hollywood.  She sarcastically jokes, “It’s fun to watch yourself age in high-def.”  Adding, “We live in a town where we’re almost expected not to age. And I’m definitely not one of those women who is like, ‘These wrinkles make me who I am!’ But my mom died of cancer at 62, so to me every birthday is a reason to celebrate.” 

On finding her friendship groove with Lisa Vanderpump again:  “We’re having fun together again.”  On former co-star Brandi: “I don’t have any relationship with Brandi. I don’t understand her as a person.”

On dealing with harsh RHOBH viewers (Dear Kyle, Mary’s sorry..we think). “When I first started the show, I’d see the things people would say about me on Twitter, and I would get really upset.  I would sit in front of the computer sobbing. I couldn’t believe how cruel some people could be, just because I’m on a television show.”  

She says reality TV has helped her grow,  “Dealing with the situations in front of the camera was extremely challenging, because that’s my real life. But I’ve learned from it. You think, ‘I could have handled that differently.'”

Regardless of what we all think, reality stars aren’t insane.  So says Kyle. “The illusion is that people on reality television are crazy.  But I’m smart, I’m strong, my children are together, and I have a husband I’m in love with. I have the life I always dreamed of having.”


Photo Credit: Instagram