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Real Housewives Of Atlanta is kicking off (pun intended!) to a wild start! Phaedra Parks teases that things are only going to get wilder! “I think you’re in for a lot of surprises. But Miami is absolutely crazy… tune in and have your popcorn and your 3D shades, because it’s gonna be shady and fun.”

Dealing with Real Housewives Of Atlanta‘s shady ladies, has taught Phaedra a thing or two. Imparting the wisdom of her Housewives ages Phaedra tries to live by the Golden Rule. Which is, “Do unto others as I would have them do unto me. And so, when you think like that, you try to sow the right seeds, so that’s what I try to do, even with these mean heifers.”

CLICK THE CONTINUE READING BUTTON FOR MORE!Oh, these heifers – can’t take them anywhere: Not on a house, not on a plane, not on a boat or out to sea, now let me be! Phaedra is shocked by Cynthia Bailey and Porsha Williams physical confrontation on the Lake Lanier boat ride

“I was freaked out,” Phaedra admits. “It went from bad to worse, very quickly, on this, er, wonderful boat. Well, canoe.” Of course, Phaedra doesn’t blame Porsha for the escalation. (I still cry mutual fault!). 

Porsha is as sweet as a lamb,” defends Phaedra. “The past few years, we’ve seen a different side of Cynthia; much more mean. Mean, nasty-girl side, so, I guess this is who she’s become. She said she was finding herself, so I guess she found the mean girl and, it’s taken, you know, first position.”

“Like I told Porsha, I don’t want people to label her as this aggressive or violent person, because she’s really not,” insists Phaedra

“Porsha is very innocent when it comes to, you know, not starting trouble – but if you come for her, she’s gonna handle you,” Phaedra added.

In regards to Cynthia and Peter’s marital issues, Phaedra is flippant. “I stay out of people’s marriages. If she wants to sleep with Old Peter, go ahead – I don’t comment on people’s love lives, or lack there of. If they want to reconcile I wish them the best.” 

Moving onto the drama in Miami – which really heats up next season – Phaedra warns us to get ready for a “wild time.” 

“It became scary at one point, it got so out of control,” Phaedra told ET. “We came back with all faculties and our limbs… but we thought we might lose a few at one point. 

Not with Phaedra on board – she actually had to save some lives during this season of Real Housewives Of Atlanta! No, really. “You know, being a ‘Housewife,’ you almost have to be like an Eagle Scout. You have to be overly prepared, because you never know what’s gonna happen next,” reveals Phaedra. “I mean, I’ve had to use CPR — this season! — I’ve had to do things that I never imagined.”

Phaedra also denies that she’ll be dating this season. “Looks can be deceiving,” she quips. But on that subject, admits that Miami has some “very interesting moments.” About what she does not elaborate. 

However that’s exactly why Phaedra has enjoyed this season so much. “I love this season because, as far as I’m concerned, I’m doing things that have never been done,” she concluded. 


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