Brooks Ayers Wins $130k Settlement In Vicki’s Vodka Lawsuit!

Brooks Tells All

Just in case you need a reminder that Brooks Ayers is no stranger to scandal, he was once involved in helping Vicki Gunvalson launch a vodka line. Vicki’s Vodka went defunct after a slew of lawsuits and crazy allegations between Brooks and Vicki’s former partner Robert Williamson III. One such allegation being that Robert accusing Brooks of hiring a hitman to off him! Yes – that happened. 

The accusation came when Robert filed a lawsuit against Brooks for, among other things breach of contract, fraud, and misrepresentations


Of course Brooks denied it. The judge found no evidence that Brooks attempted to solicit a murderer for hire and found Brooks had never breached any contract. Therefore the judge determined Robert’s suit was “frivolous and without merit” – and case dismissed! And guess what: in the only good thing that has happened to the Real Housewives Of Orange County star this year – Brooks won!

The motion filed by Brooks‘ attorney moved that Robert be responsible for paying Brooks‘ attorney fees. The judge agreed and made that award on that condition. 

Per the ruling, as provided by Starcasm

Defendant David Brooks Ayers moves for attorneys fees against Robert Williamson III, who sued Ayers and other defendants over a failed vodka business in 2013. Finding that there was no reasonable basis for Williamson’s claims against Ayers — which Williamson himself seems to admit by not responding to either Ayers’s motion for summary judgment or to this motion for attorneys fees — I grant Ayers’s motion.

Vicki was also embroiled in a lawsuit with Robert, which she eventually won. She was also counter-suing Robert (not sure if that’s still happening or not). 

Let’s see if Brooks actually turns this money over to his attorney. Or possibly uses it to buy some legit-seeming cancer documents. Maybe he’ll donate some to cancer research!

2015 has been quite the year for Brooks! He was accused of faking his Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma diagnosis, which he continues to adamantly deny even with irrefutable evidence – such as when he presented fake medical bills to E! News (for an interview he was reportedly paid $12,000 to participate in). After the scandal broke, Brooks dumped Vicki and moved to Florida. Let’s hope 2016 sees Brooks spending his money quietly – away from Real Housewives Of Orange County

Brooks is now rumored to be writing a tell-all book with Jim Marchese, the scandal-prone husband of former Real Housewives Of New Jersey star Amber Marchese. I just can’t… 


[Photo Credit: Bravo]