Photos – Vicki Gunvalson Detoxes; Opens Up About RHOC Reunion, Friendships, Brooks Ayers, A Spinoff, And More!

Vicki Gunvalson

After the toxic Real Housewives Of Orange County reunion Vicki Gunvalson is detoxing (and dishing!). 

The OG of the OC spent the weekend with some of her real friends – the ones she doesn’t share a camera crew with – doing a detox retreat at the glamorous Bacara Resort. After washing a certain no good man out of her hair maybe Vicki wanted some rejuvenating?

After the resort, feeling in a euphoric state of mind, Vicki dished on everything happening in her life; from the reunion, her friendships with Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge, her relationship with Brooks, and what’s in store for her (hint, hint – possibly a spinoff!), and even her past. 


Also, you may recognize Club Detox as the “cancer cure” Brooks Ayers has been promoting this season in scenes featuring the generic Yolanda Foster-esque woman who made Vicki and Brooks go “earthing.” She then accompanied them to the office of a low-rent Dr. Moon. Brooks claims the juice therapy is helping him improve his numbers and starve the cancer cells – or something. 

At least it sounds like Vicki is using Club Detox for its intended purposes. 


Now for Vicki’s juicy Periscope

Vicki said the reunion actually went “pretty well.” Adding,”I didn’t cry, I didn’t scream…”


“The girls kind of turned on me,” Vicki explained. “I was on the hotseat, but I handled it well. They wanted me to confess to something that wasn’t true, but I didn’t.” She advises us to “watch with one eye open” because “it’s kind of weird.”

Brooks did do an interview with Andy,” confirms Vicki. “I was somewhat disappointed in that.” 

Vicki adds, “I am done with Brooks. 100%.”

Going into detail, Vicki explains, “I’ll never be back with Brooks. We were unequally yoked on many levels. We looked at our futures and realized we were good for right now, but not for a lifetime. We haven’t talked for a long time.”

“It’s a new start for me,” exclaimed Vicki. “I don’t need a man.” 

Vicki also warned, “Be on the look out for Brooks in Orlando!” (Her friends chimed in that he was a loser.) 

Of her fellow Housewives, Vicki is “disappointed in all the girls.” Apparently a major part of the reunion will be the women interrogating Vicki about Brooks. “They wanted me to admit something that wasn’t the truth and I wasn’t going to. You’ll find out.”

Alluding that it was all done for drama, Vicki explains, “It’s a TV show. They wanted to push my buttons, and they weren’t able to.” 

However Vicki has no patience for Meghan King Edmonds! Calling her a “messy bitch,” Vicki accuses her of having an agenda. “She came in like a bulldozer. I know my truth.”

“You’ll see what happens with Shannon and I at the reunion,” continues Vicki. “Right now we are not friends. She believes a lie and I can’t convince her. I’m disappointed in that, but I feel like it will be OK. I think in time she’ll understand.” 

Vicki remains friends with Tamra Judge, but shared, “I don’t spend a lot of time with Tamra and Eddie.” Vicki was evasive on where things stand with Heather Dubrow. Heather said in an interview last week that she feels like she doesn’t know Vicki anymore.

Even though Vicki doesn’t “need a man” she admitted to missing Donn – her ex-husband! Donn is still close with Briana (and saw her last week! so cute!). “Tamra’s psychic predicts I’m gonna be back with Donn!” shared Vicki. “I don’t believe him! Maybe we will be good now since I’ve learned a lot of life lessons. I would be a better wife now. Donn is single!” All of Vicki’s friends agreed she should get back together with Donn. *YES DONN! MORE DONN!*

In other blasts from the OC past, Vicki has been in touch with Gretchen Rossi. “I talked to Gretchen last week by text,” she confirms. 

(Seriously – is Gretchen returning next season?!)

Shockingly Vicki wouldn’t mind if Gretchen returned to RHOC (?!?!?!?!??!?!). “I would rather have Gretchen on show than Meghan,” she said. “Gretchen has a sweet heart. I didn’t see that with Meghan.” (Throughout the Periscope Vicki actually got a few comments from people who know Meghan and offered to give her dirt! Next season Vicki becomes the Truth & Justice Detective?! 

The most intriguing reveal is Vicki may be headed for a spinoff! “I will get my own show,” she hinted. “I’m working with Evolution on some development deals right now.” Evolution produces RHOC and other shows for Bravo. Vicki is still coming up with a concept. 

After a harrowing year of death, breakups, and friendship disappointments, Vicki is only looking forward.  “I’ve turned a corner and I feel good about my future. 2015 was hell. But it’s all in the past and the future is gonna be amazing for me. I’m the OG of the OC – survivor! I have a life jacket on; it’s a permanent life jacket. 

And tonight RHOC returns. Since the only storyline this season appears to be Brooks, Tamra meets with Briana to discuss you know who. Then all the drama unfurls at Tamra’s baptism. Who is Bravo kidding with this season?! 

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting, so make sure to join us. Afterwards I’ll need a detox. 


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]

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