Kyle Richards & Kathy Hilton

Apparently Kyle Richards is so upset about how her family drama is being portrayed on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills this season, she’s threatened to quit! HA. HA. HA. Seriously this is Punk’d: Bravo Division, right? 

After Kyle posted a rather awkward – OK hideously uncomfortable – photo of her with Kathy Hilton on Christmas Eve, it was assumed the family tensions that have yet again become a major storyline on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills were over. New Year, New drama, right?! Or not!


Kyle Richards & Kathy Hilton Christmas 2015

“There is no truce,” an insider tells People. “There is still lots of tension.”  As if the the expression on Kathy’s face, which read, “I’d rather age naturally than pose for this photo” didn’t confirm that! 

Adds the source, “They put on a good face at the party [but] there’s a lot to work on still.” 

Numerous insiders have blamed Mauricio Umansky for Kyle and Kathy’s issues. When Mauricio left brother-in-law Rick Hilton’s real estate agency to start his own, the two rivals became embroiled in a high-class turf war. Like Scarface without the drugs or guns, yet the same amount of smarmy chest hair (and caftans). Mauricio was even axed from the guest list at Nicky Hilton‘s celebrity-studded wedding this summer. Don’t worry – Kyle still made an appearance. That she did! 

However Rick believes Kyle is planning to remedy all the upheaval by leaving her Bravo days behind her. Oh rlllllly now? Kyle hasn’t quit the show for Kim Richards, so I doubt Kathy is the straw that breaks the kaftans-klad camels back! 

Per Rick, “there were some upsetting things going on” with the way story of Nicky’s wedding was covered on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. “The show was taking advantage, but Kyle said she gave notice to quit the show because… they made her put the wedding information into the show.” And Rick is ecstatic – he says Kyle’s benevolent decision has reunited the family

“That was nice of her to do,” monotones Rick to TMZ cameras. Sounds like wishful thinking on Rick’s part – that or some sort of threat – because a Bravo production source promptly dismissed the story and insisted Kyle has absolutely done no such thing. Although they add that Kyle has threatened to quit in the past – and look how that turned out. As in she’s still here! 

Kathy meanwhile has been complaining on twitter about all the tabloid leaks about her family. 

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