Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards is tired of talking about Kim Richards‘ issues, and Yolanda Foster‘s! Kyle would rather talk about Kyle. And happy things! (I’m all for that).

In her Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills blog Kyle explains why she decided to attend Nicky Hilton‘s wedding, the addition of Erika Girardi, Kyle’s frustration with being “Kim‘s keeper,” her concerns about Yolanda, and the blast everyone had at Ken’s birthday tea party. 

“I’m sure it’s confusing to some of you as to why I attended the wedding without my husband and two kids. I love Nicky so much, and the idea of not witnessing her walk down the aisle was weighing heavily on me,” writes Kyle. “My husband is the one who pushed me to go. He kept telling me that I will never get that moment back. He said that all families go through tough times but they WILL be resolved, and if I didn’t go we would all look back with regret.”



Actually, Kyle was disappointed to have returned from Italy only to be forced to endure a conversation about Kim’s troubles. While catching up with the leopard-clad Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson Kyle felt like the prey being hunted by their thirsty stalking for information! 

“I felt bombarded with the Kim questions. I am not my sister’s keeper and had no desire to discuss what was going on with her with two people that are not close to her or her friends,” insists Kyle. “I love Eileen and Lisa, but it felt wrong.”

“Watching Lisa Rinna speak against my sister Kim in her interview upset me,” Kyle adds. “We all knew Kim was struggling, and it felt like she was kicking her when she was down.” 

Moving on. Kyle is impressed Erika demonstrated her non-Hollywood Friendship with Yolanda by getting a Vitamin-IV drip together.  

Erika is a fun addition to our group,” praises Kyle. “I think you will enjoy getting to know her.” 

“IVs freak me out, and I have to give props to Erika for enduring that while supporting Yolanda,” says Kyle. “I have to say I would be happy to accompany Yolanda but would not be partaking in the IV part. I think I will stick to swallowing my multivitamin.”

According to Kyle, Yolanda’s health is the new Kim’s Sobriety – meaning it is always a topic of conversation! “It seemed like everyone was trying to troubleshoot what could possibly be making Yolanda feel so bad.” (Including, adds Kyle, Yolanda herself – as evidenced by Yolanda’s nonstop treatment queries and discussions about Lyme). 

When Kyle mentioned Yolanda may be suffering more from mind over matter, Kyle was just sharing her own experiences.

“I spoke of my own personal experience after losing my mom,” explains Kyle. “I feel that for ME it was depression that brought on the fibromyalgia, which also has similar symptoms to Lyme Disease. Yolanda and I had discussed that too in the past. None of us are doctors or have had any experience with Lyme Disease.” 

And finally the fun parts – tiny horses, huge hats, and wet cocktail dress contests! 

Kyle wonders about the tiny horse (“pregnant donkey”) excursion, “I would have loved seeing them try to get that horse on the private plane.” 

Describing Ken’s birthday as a “beautiful day,” Kyle feels the rain only added to the magical quality. “At first Lisa was nervous about the rain, but then we all were happy and embraced it.” Even the hats. “It really did make me feel like we were all in an English garden.” 

“Clearly, we all love to have fun and that’s what I love about this group of women,” says Kyle.. “I mean we are grown adults laughing and swimming in the pool with our clothes on. When will we ever grow up? I hope never!” 

Interestingly, Kyle does not comment on Taylor Armstrong questioning of Yolanda’s Lyme Disease. Interesting indeed! 

Instead Kyle reveals that there was real concern for Ken’s health – not just his fabulous and expensive shoes – when he was pushed (by whom I still want to know?!) into the pool!

“He had just had surgery and still had stitches in his hip. It was actually very scary,” admits Kyle. “We all screamed and swam to Ken who at first seemed to just sink. As we lifted him up he seemed disoriented. After he got out of the pool he perked up. I’m sure he had a little incentive after what Lisa told him he had to look forward to later!” 


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