Video: Apollo Nida Speaks From Prison About His Marriage To Phaedra Parks And Seeing His Kids!

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TMZ is accepting collect calls from Federal Inmate Apollo Nida. Apollo answered questions about the status of his marriage (or rather, his divorce) from Phaedra Parks, staying in touch with his children, and relocating prisons. Apparently the new prison has better “ambiance”. Oh my…  

Recently Apollo agreed with his Real Housewives Of Atlanta star wife that prison is no place for The Prince and Mr. President to visit. Now he’s changed his opinion. “For my own mental sanity, I tried to kind of recognize where she [Phaedra] was coming from, but I never agreed on the fact that I did not want to see my children.” 


“I still want to see them,” says Apollo. “Regardless of where I’m at, I’m trying to find a common ground on how to parent them.” 

Apollo recently relocated from Lexington FMC in Kentucky to Ft. Dix in New Jersey. Soon he will be joined by another Bravolebrity. Joe Giudice will begin serving a sentence there in February. How fun – maybe they can have their own spinoff?! 

Since relocating to “a camp” rather than a traditional prison, Phaedra is now considering bringing Ayden, 5, and Dylan, 2, to visit Apollo “in the future couple weeks or maybe a month depending on her schedule.” 

“Hopefully that will go well,” acknowledges Apollo

In the prison camp Apollo has “a lot more leeway” in terms of prison jobs and responsibilities, and “there’s a lot less tension.”

“I’m not really behind a fence per se so the kids will not get that prison ambiance,” Apollo explains. AMBIANCE! Well, well, Martha Stewart’s stint in prison has changed things – now prisons have ‘ambiance’! LOL 

Apollo clarifies the kids “will not have to endure that prison atmosphere.”

“The fact that she [Phaedra] knows that. The fact that her legal team knows that – it shouldn’t be a problem seeing the kids in the near future,” hopes Apollo

TMZ asked how Apollo maintains a relationship with his sons from behind bars. “To squash some of the allegations, we do not FaceTime and I do not receive care packages from them. For the most part I do call like once a month, maybe twice, depending on my schedule.” Depending on his schedule – what exactly does Apollo having going on that doesn’t permit time to phone his kids?! 

“There’s a re-validation time – it’s on the 16th of every month so that’s when I get my phone minutes in – I normally try to reach out to them then depending on the schedule. You know, people are busy at my house,” adds Apollo. “I would like to speak to them more, but I kinda gotta be understanding of everyone’s schedule and they’re in school and they gotta go to sleep early for school as well.” 

On the status of his marriage with Phaedra, Apollo admits, “I really don’t know.” 

“We’re still married on paper. We haven’t had an opportunity to sit down and talk,” Apollo elaborated. “I don’t really know what’s going on – there’s been a lot of speculation… “

“There has been talk that Phaedra wants to file for divorce, right?” TMZ interjects. “Yeah, exactly,” Apollo confirms. “That’s where she stands. And she has spoke to my legal team as well about divorce, and you know, it’s up in the air.” 

That ambiguity is not sitting well with Apollo. “I need closure in my life right now. I have a lot of ill feelings…,” he complains.

“I’m very frustrated and angry, so I don’t want to say the wrong thing prematurely, but at the end of the day I think it’s time for her and I to sit down and just figure out if we’re gonna move forward, or just move on with different relationships or so forth,” says Apollo. “But it needs to be done in a manner which the children understand, then we can come together on a mature level to have some type of understanding or reconciliation.” 

Well, well…  how nice – a little prison-side chat with one of reality TV’s favorite convicts. Happy New Year to us!

I think Phaedra will ABSOLUTELY file for divorce but is trying to iron-out an ironclad deal. Regarding seeing his kids, Apollo should have thought of that before his ego squandered everything by breaking the law. No sympathy from me Boo Boo! 


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