Kathryn Edwards joins RHOBH

New RHOBH Star Kathryn Edwards Warns Of Drama With Kyle Richards And Faye Resnick!

Tonight on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills we’ll finally meet the other new Housewife Kathryn Edwards. And she has quite the history connected to some of these gals. I’m looking at YOU Kyle Richards

Kathryn joined the show thanks to Lisa Rinna, who she’s known for years. Lisa enticed Kathryn by selling Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills as “an adventure.” That’s one way of looking at it… 

“I’m a competitive person by nature and I don’t like to lose arguments so for me I’m kind of like a fight-til-the-death type person,” Kathryn warned. “I hope that I can keep my cool!”


Other than Lipsa, she also knew Yolanda Foster before signing on. Kathryn totally supports Yolanda’s battle with Lyme Disease. “I’m not in any type of agreement with questioning her illness,” she asserts. “I know that Lyme disease is a serious thing and my step-dad has it … And I have other friends that have it so I’m very well aware.” 

So how did Kathryn get along with the other ladies? She “instantly liked” Eileen Davidson. As for the rest of them, “for the most part everyone was pretty welcoming. A few of them were a little curious,” she tells OK! Magazine. A little curious about Kathryn’s history with Kyle’s and her friend Faye Resnick. Kathryn admits to being “a little trepidatious about Kyle” because of that.

Naturally Faye will be reappearing this season, scuttling out from behind whatever horrible IKEA cabinet she’s designing a room with, to confront Kathryn. Prior to Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, Kathryn confesses she’d never met Faye, who nonetheless trashed her over the Nicole Brown Simpson murder. “I just wanted to make sure when I did meet her I let her know that I didn’t appreciate it.” Interesting correlation to all this becoming a storyline right about the time the OJ miniseries airs. 

Kathryn will also be introducing us to her unconventional marriage to former NFL player Donnie Edwards, who is 9 years younger than her. She’s not worried about what the other women will think after watching them judge Erika Girardi‘s marriage to a much-older man. “I think it’s a lot easier to look at my husband and say ‘Well, of course,’ rather than Erika’s husband and say ‘Huh?’” Kathryn joked. 

Tonight the ladies start things out in the Hamptons where they are forced to endure more of Bethenny. At their final dinner Eileen shares a shocking secret from her past. 

Erika jets off to Ohio pick up Yolanda in her private jet. Meanwhile Kyle opens up to Faye about her issues with Kim. And finally Lipsa runs into an ‘old friend’ of her own and introduces Kathryn to the group. And Kathryn reveals her surprising connecting to Faye and Kyle! 

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[Photo Credit: Nicky Nelson/WENN.com]