Yolanda Foster with friend Ellie

In a scathing blog directed at Lisa Rinna, Yolanda Foster‘s long time close friend Ellie O’Connell is defending her Lyme Disease suffering and calling the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills stupid and tacky for questioning it!

“What Does Sick Look Like, Lisa?” Ellie asks, putting Lipsa on blast for being judgmental based on Yolanda’s Instagram feed. Because even though sometimes Yolanda looks the picture of health, and sometimes looks like a Jiffy Pop monster, doesn’t mean her Lyme Disease isn’t real!

Ellie knows from experience what living with chronic, unrelenting illness is like, because she is “very sick, actually the sickest” and suffers from ALS. 

Above, Yolanda supports Ellie through a medical treatment earlier this year. 


“Yes, Yolanda is still gorgeous, and I am sorry if this is confusing you but guess what? She is sick. No, Lisa, she doesn’t want to be sick. She doesn’t want the attention. She wants to be well,” decrees Ellie. “She doesn’t want to struggle. She doesn’t want her life to be watched from the sidelines. She doesn’t want to miss out on her children and their lives. She never wanted to disappoint her husband. She never wanted to disappoint her friends. She never wanted you to judge her.” 

But instead Yolanda came on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills and with that came a cesspool of judgement and more! 

Chastising filming RHOBH for bringing out “the worst in its characters,” Ellie declares that Andy Cohen‘s ability to create evil trumps even Satan’s! “The seven deadly sins are fully represented every week… Gluttony, pride, greed, lust, envy, wrath and sloth. However, last week a whole new sin was introduced… Stupidity. This 8th cardinal sin was brought to us by none other than Lady Lips herself, Lisa Rinna.” 

Just because Yolanda only looks sick when she doesn’t wear makeup, her illness isn’t real. 

 “My friend, Yolanda Hadid, one of the housewives, has neurological Lyme disease,” announces Ellie. “It is a mysterious disease, difficult to diagnose and so far, impossible to cure. But it’s got another little special side effect… With Lyme disease, you don’t actually LOOK sick.”

“So, our dear Lisa Rinna had the nerve/gall/balls/ignorance to accuse Yolanda of faking her illness and even went so far as to accuse her of having Munchhausen Syndrome which, by the way, Lisa had to Google.” Well, I mean ask Meghan King Edmonds – Google can be a powerful tool for sniffing out fake diseases! 

Ellie, obviously, fully supports Yolanda through her health journey, just as Yolanda has fully supported Ellie’s battle with ALS – without Googling Munchhausen Syndrome. When Yolanda was first diagnosed with Lyme in 2012, “she didn’t want anything, including her illness, to diminish or take away attention from my ALS if you can understand that” so Yolanda pretended to be fine. 

“Her Lyme disease was tearing her apart but she never told me,” Ellie recalls. “She suffered in silence. She always put me first. Never complained to me once. Is that Munchausen, Lisa?” 

Until Yolanda could no longer hide it. When Ellie realized the devastating effects of Yolanda’s illness the two began bonding in a new way – including over unconventional treatments. 

The two friends also commiserated over being house-bound and bedridden. “We have taken a backseat to the world right now. I physically was paralyzed and Yolanda was mentally paralyzed.” #60Percent Maybe Ellie is writing Yolanda’s and IG Captions blogs?

And most predominantly the two women connected over being unable to participate in their children’s lives. Well, until Bella and Anwar got Lyme also! Or until a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show or a Grammy red carpet called! “We didn’t get to bask in our children’s glory quite frankly,” Ellie announces. “And trust me, we live for that shit. Is that sick enough for you, Lisa?” And, obviously, neither woman was able to be the wife their husbands needed. “David lost his partner,” reminds Ellie. 

So Ellie’s question for Lipsa is, “What is sick supposed to look like, Lisa?”

“If you accuse Yolanda of not looking sick, you might as well accuse me of not being sick as well. I went to Italy last week to a farmers market, does that mean I’m not sick?” asks Ellie. “Yolanda went on a gondola ride in Aspen yesterday, does that mean she’s not sick? Look a little deeper, Lisa… While I was at the farmers market in Italy, I couldn’t taste the samples of Parmesan cheese because my throat won’t let me swallow from years of ALS. While Yolanda was in Aspen, she couldn’t go skiing because she was physically exhausted from years of Lyme disease. But you didn’t see this because you didn’t look deep enough.”

And if Lisa digs a little deeper she would find Yolanda’s implant removal scars, and her antibiotic port. And also find that Yolanda can’t drive, nor “stay awake more than two hours at a time.”  (For the record, Yolanda is driving again)

Ellie’s advice to Lipsa is to dig deeper before the next time she forms her “little witch’s circle” to “cackle.” 

Yolanda is much more polite than I am and she only mentioned that some people (you) do not understand long-term illnesses,” closes Ellie. “I am not that polite and I will just say… See you next Tuesday.” Oh she also wants an apology on Yolanda’s behalf and on the behalf of everyone else who is sick. 

Speaking for herself, Lisa Rinna apologizes for suggesting that Yolanda may not be sick. And she’s also eating her words. “I felt bad that I had engaged in that conversation because I have been supportive, and I am supportive of Yolanda. And I do believe that she is suffering from Lyme. And, I think that it’s complicated.” 

Yolanda and I go through some really interesting ups and downs and we have some real honest moments,” Lipsa tells Bravo’s The Dish. “I’m not afraid to go to Yolanda — even though I am — but it’s hard to go and face someone when maybe you haven’t said things that you feel good about.”

Lisa promises that as the season progresses we’ll see her “reach out to Yolanda, to go and talk to her, so I can be open and honest about this. Yolanda and I talk back and forth.” 

Tonight however things get worse before they get better! Eileen gets to Yolanda first and spills her guts about Lipsa’s questions about Yolanda. And even worse – Yolanda gathers her children and her mother to write her will. 

But Yolanda also summons the strength to introduce Erika Jayne to the ladies. And Lisa Vanderpump must take Hanky or Panky to the vet! 

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