Scheana Marie Defends Her Texts About Tom Sandoval; Ariana’s Mom Speaks Out

This week on Vanderpump Rules, Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix confronted Scheana Marie about text messages she sent Ariana‘s mom about their relationship (specifically that Tom is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad boyfriend). While Tom reached out to Reality Tea to share his side of the story before the episode aired, Scheana took to Instagram to share hers.

In the interest of damage control, Scheana shared on Instagram, “Please try to remember this was in July and a lot has changed and happened since then. So before people jump to conclusions, I want to say that Ariana’s mom reached out to me first. I responded to a concerned mother about my best friend. That’s all. I would never reach out first nor would I ever do anything to intentionally to hurt them. Also, the texts mentioned were exchanged in early December 2014 to give you some perspective. A time when Tom and I were not in a good place.”


“I also wasn’t in a good place. A lot happened that December that you guys will never see or know,” bemoaned Scheana. “But NEVER once did I say Tom was a bad friend or boyfriend. I would never try to sabotage their relationship. I love Ariana more than anything and her and I are in a good place. I’ve apologized numerous times if I overstepped and for any feelings that were hurt. If you don’t have anything nice to say then just keep scrolling and move on with your life.”

Let’s break this down:

Scheana said Ariana‘s mom reached out to her first. Tweets from both Ariana and Ariana’s mom confirm this, HOWEVER, Ariana’s mom’s text to Scheana was NOT about Tom and Ariana‘s relationship.

Ariana‘s mom Tanya tweeted, “I never had concerns about Ariana. She hasn’t changed in 30 years. My ‘reaching out’ to Scheana was to say sorry I won’t see you at Xmas.”


Ariana replied, “I come from a long line of superhero strong women. Nobody knows me better than my mom.”


Scheana, the best of all the best friends on the planet, said she simply talked to a concerned mom about her daughter. Well, I, for one, fail to see how it went from “Sorry I won’t see you at Xmas” to “Tom‘s very good at convincing Ariana of what he wants. I think her attitude has changed since they’ve been together. He always looks out for himself first.”

Also, Scheana, who had an affair with a married man with 2 kids, proved again and again that her social life is more important than her husband’s struggle with addiction, and turned her apartment into the Scheana’s Wedding Day shrine, is the last person who should chastise anyone for looking out for him/herself first.

Scheana‘s pre-show Instagram rant must not have served its purpose, though, because she was cranky on Twitter during the show. “It amazes me how much strangers think they know me,” tweeted Scheana. “I am human and flawed. We all make mistakes and move on. Follow our snapchats and see!”


When someone asked what snapchat will prove, Scheana replied, “It tells you where we are at in our lives TODAY not in July.”


Scheana, when you are constantly explaining yourself and complaining about the viewers’ perception of you, the problem isn’t us. It’s you.


Photo Credit: Randy Shropshire/Getty Images