Katie Maloney “Struggled” Witnessing Lisa Vanderpump and Stassi Schroeder Face Off!

Vanderpump Rules - Season 3

Katie Maloney is newly engaged, gainfully employed, and in a good place with her friends these days. All things ex-BFF and Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder is decidedly not! While THE RETURN OF STASSI! seems to be the Japanese horror film headline everywhere one turns on VPR these past weeks, Katie says she’s trying to focus on the more positive aspects of her life. She does admit that seeing her old friend squirm under the expert interrogation/verbal spanking Lisa Vanderpump doled out was a bit uncomfortable to watch this week. But she agreed with Lisa’s astute points, just the same!

Before Katie breaks down the Stassi Situation, she reflects on the “perfect” time she and the gang spent in Hawaii – that is, until Jax Taylor decided to play petty sunglasses thief. When she found out about Jax’s arrest, Katie admits, ” I had no words and still have a difficult time articulating how frustrating and disappointing that day was. We had all separated for mere hours and for something this catastrophic to have happened is purely mind numbing.”


So, did Jax learn his lesson? Katie lamely argues, “I can already hear the groans before answering, but I do feel like this has made a major impression on Jax and his future. We all know he has a past of stealing, but this is the first time it has directly affected everyone (aside from his family) that he cares about. I think feeling the weight of severe disappointment has weighed heavily on him and the severity of the possible legal consequences was beyond anything he has ever encountered.” 

When it comes to Stassi’s motivations for getting back into her old friend circle, Katie’s not as convinced about her “changes.” Katie shares that she “was left abandoned, confused, and quite frankly heartbroken” after Stassi cut her out of her life. “I tried my damnedest to be considerate and respectful of her, but also take care of my own life and relationship after a rough couple of months. And to be so carelessly tossed aside was gut wrenching. So, when she just so freely wandered back around, I immediately put my walls up.”

Witnessing Lisa hilariously rip Stassi a new one on this week’s episode was apparently tough for Katie to watch, despite her mixed feelings. “Honestly, I struggled a bit watching this. On one hand I am just beginning to witness Stassi really claiming and taking responsibility for her actions and it’s too hard for me to sum up how I feel about this. I have never seen Stassi really swallow pride and address these sorts of things with anyone. I really see her going there and overextend herself.”

“Lisa is a tough woman,” continues Katie. “Stassi may have called her an ‘old woman’ and Lisa called it perfectly. Yes she is a woman who has lived half her life and much longer than Stassi and myself. And there is something to be said about that. She is a woman who knows more, who has lived more, and who has learned more. For those reasons, I give her my respect and don’t question her. Stassi on the other hand is allowed to feel what she feels. I know firsthand how she was affected by what happened and I will say with all fairness that she was the only one who could decide the severity of her situation. I saw Lisa come in and offer support. Whether that was what Stassi wanted or needed is not for me or anyone else to decide.”

Katie concludes her blog claiming that “It’s so difficult seeing both sides and understanding both sides in such massive ways. I have only wished for them both to arrive at a place where mutual understanding can be felt and understood.” Does this mean Katie will eventually welcome Stassi back into her life, though? Not likely, in my opinion. Then again, Jax keeps recruiting sweet, innocent girlfriends who trust him, so stranger things have happened! 


Photo Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo