Kyle Richards And Heather Dubrow Compare Notes On Their Real Housewives Shows

Kyle Richards was the guest this week on Heather Dubrow’s podcast, “Heather Dubrow’s World,” talking about why this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills felt so different from last season, what she thinks of the new cast members and so much more.

Heather shares that she binged watched the past four episodes of RHOBH the night before and she’s obsessed with this new season.  Kyle agrees that it’s really good this season.  Kyle says that last year was such a “crazy season, with Amsterdam and all that stuff and it was really draining. I mean, the stress was out of control.  And you think ‘where do you go from there?’ And this season there are people coming up and they’re just loving it. I think it has a lot more depth this season.”   She adds that people love to see the women’s lives and real relationships. And she’s right!  We don’t need the forced pot-stirring.

Heather agrees. “For our show (RHOC), [last season], it was the highest rated season and I think it’s because it’s the first year that people who self-produce and stir stuff up just to get a paycheck – they were all gone.  And so what it was really about was actually a group of people that ARE friends and that have relationships.”  Hmm..who do you think she was referring to?  Alexis? Gretchen? Lizzie?

Kyle agrees.  She says on their show they may argue and have their moments but they’re all great women who are smart and have it together and are genuinely great people.  “Yes, we have moments, but at the end of the day you can FEEL that we care about each other.” 

Heather says she likes to watch Beverly Hills because she likes to see where the ladies go on vacation.  Heather jokes that their show is ghetto when it comes to the cast trips and the BH ladies get to travel all over the galaxy.  Heather launches into a comedic bit about how they’re nickled and dimed on RHOC and the ladies of the BH have been to Italy twice in ONE season.  She laughs about the Beverly Hills private planes and they (on OC) have “like the pony express”.   But Heather reiterates that she likes watching it on Beverly Hills.  

Heather explains that when she was cast on Orange County, they plucked her – she didn’t have an existing connection/friendship, but now they do.  Heather says again that she thinks part of the reason last season did so well is because now they are all truly real friends. 


Heather asks Kyle what she thinks of newbies Erika Jayne and Kathryn Edwards.  “I think they’re wonderful additions.  I think they’re great for the show, I think audiences are enjoying them.  With some of us they fit in really well and with others not at all.”  She says, “I love Erika. I loved her from the second I met her.”  Heather agrees and says that Shannon Beador is OBSESSED with Erika. 

On Kathryn Edwards, Kyle admits that she liked her immediately, “but there was that connection with Faye so it was a little awkward in the beginning.”

Heather and Kyle both share that their best friends aren’t on the show and they don’t want them to be. Kyle says a lot of her friends will be extras in the background at parties and such but they do not want to be on camera and Heather’s friends feel the same.  We’ll see one of Kyle’s BFFs in episode coming up, but just small shots of her head because she tried so hard to stay off-screen. 

Heather did reveal that one of her best friends tried out for the show.  She was terrified that if she got on the show it might change their relationship, but she would’ve been happy for her if it had worked out. 

Kyle and Heather discuss the crazy world of reality TV.  Heather says it’s like a multi-level thing – first there’s doing the filming, then there’s what you think is going on on the show and then there’s what gets edited and then you see what everyone else has filmed and what everyone says in their interviews and then what everyone says in their blogs.  They both agree their co-stars can be vicious in their blogs.  Heather rants that a few years back some of her co-stars refused to write their blogs until they saw everyone else’s blogs first so they could respond to what had already been written.  Kyle says she’s been accused of that but hers are late because she doesn’t have the time and she HATES writing the blog, but she does try to at least Tweet about the show where she can. 

Kyle talked about getting cast on the show and also about how embarrassed she is that she can’t seem to control her emotions – and tears on camera.  She admits that she tries to control the tears and getting emotional over everything, but she just can’t help it. 

Kyle reveals that people are always suggesting that Mauricio should do a show based on The Agency, but Kyle says they are way too busy and that Mauricio is a businessman and not interested in doing more reality TV right now.  She says before housewives she was totally content just being a mom and a wife, but now she has the show, her store, writing a book, etc. 

Kyle and Heather chatted about their experiences on their respective shows and actually talked so long that they had to cut the podcast and break it up into two parts!  Next week we’ll hear Kyle dish on Brandi Glanville not returning to the show (which is sorta mentioned above, but in vague references), Yolanda Foster’s health and so much more.  We can’t wait.  😉


Photo Credit: Twitter