Brandi Glanville Now Says She Was Unexpectedly Fired From RHOBH? Jeff Lewis On Brandi Throwing Wine In His Face!

 Brandi Glanville & Jeff Lewis

Where there is Brandi Glanville, convoluted drama with a million different stories is always lurking nearby. Most recently there is the constantly changing story about whether or not Brandi was fired (or quit or demoted) from Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Last week Brandi said she was offered a part-time role but opted against it in order focus on the zillion other amazing opportunities dropping in her lap like a Chippendales dancer. Now she tells Australia’s NW Magazine in her column “Brandi Snaps” that she was fired! 

“This week has been crazy!” Brandi begins. “I talked to Yolanda Foster and Kim Richards. Lisa Vanderpump actually emailed me. She was like the first to email after I got fired, which was very weird. I was shocked, it was very unexpected.” 


Brandi thinks Lisa’s email was loaded in ulterior motives. Of course she does. “Everything with her is a plan – everything is very strategic,” continued Brandi. “I feel like she did it so I’d tell people that she did it.” So, Lisa’s dastardly plan worked because Brandi is telling a tabloid! 

Brandi goes onto to contradict herself again by saying RHOBH wanted her back part-time, but she’s got “other plans” although she’s hesitant to “close that door.” 

“I have choices,” Brandi boasts. “I want to make a great choice. I might only get one chance at this!” In response Lisa remarked, “The story changes every day… I wished her well.”

Moving on to more Brandi story changes – a few months ago Brandi appeared on WWHL and tossed wine in Jeff Lewis‘ face much to Andy Cohen‘s complete shock. Brandi claimed it was a joke, and Jeff went along with it. Now Jeff admits it wasn’t a joke and he hasn’t spoken to Brandi since the incident. 

When Jeff was appearing on WWHL this week, alongside Jenni Pulos, Andy asked him about the incident; Jeff confessed he had absolutely no idea Brandi was planning to chuck a glass of wine in his perfectly exfoliated face. “No, we actually never made up,” Jeff said. “I don’t even really care about the drink being thrown in my face. How many people have thrown drinks in my face?” the Flipping Out star asked Jenni, who nodded. Jeff continued, “It doesn’t matter. It’s just to say that I was involved in the whole thing was upsetting.” 

Jeff adds that he and Brandi had agreed to “bring it” backstage, and admits his STD comment went too far, he was never complicit in the wine toss. “I was not aware of what went on the last five minutes.” Jenni confirms that Jeff was completely blindsided. “I started texting him like ‘What is going on?! What is going on?!’ It was very real.”

At the time of the incident, Brandi continued to insist it was planned, neither Andy nor Jeff cosigned her version of events. 

Andy spoke out and shared that he didn’t believe Brandi because Jeff “seemed very freaked out” after it happened. “It didn’t seem like a joke to me.” He said things were very icy on the Aftershow. 

You can see a video of Jeff discussing the situation below! 


[Photo Credits: Nikki Nelson/ & Bravo]