Lisa Rinna seems to regret ever hearing – or repeating – the “M” word (for Munchausen!) as it concerns castmate Yolanda Foster and her chronic Lyme Disease. So after this week’s confession to Yolanda about discussing the validity of her illness behind her back, the Real Housewife of Beverly Hills star claims to feel some relief. 

Before rehashing her conversation with Yolanda, Lisa thanks her fans for their support in the wake of losing her father just weeks ago. “I’d like to start off by giving my most heartfelt thanks to everyone that sent me a message of love and condolence. Your kind words truly helped my family and me during this difficult time of my dad transitioning from our Dad and Nampa to guardian angel. I was and still continue to be humbled by all of the love you have shown us during this time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


After visiting Erika Girardi/Jayne’s house, Lisa had some choice words for Villa Blanca – words that she’s now hoping to shrug off with a wink and a smile. (Something tells me that Lisa Vanderpump couldn’t give a toss what Rinna thinks of her style!) She shares, “I’m also quite grateful and appreciative to Erika for inviting me over to her insanely gorgeous house, so she could offer her insight and advice about how I should approach Yolanda. But let’s just take a moment to address the fact that I said Erika’s home makes LVP’s Villa Rosa look like a disco. I love a good disco.”

After Erika’s reassurance about reaching out to Yolanda, Lisa says she was ready to face the music. She reflects, “What a relief it was when Yolanda agreed to meet with me, since I had called her weeks before this asking to take her to lunch at that time so I could address the conversations I was a part of. She told me that she did not want to talk to me before her explant surgery, and I could understand and respect that. So, keep in mind, quite a bit of time had passed before she agreed to speak with me.”

“As you all know, honesty is very important to me,” blogs Lisa, “so being able to sit down with Yolanda in her home and speak candidly with her about all of the questions and chatter surrounding her health was a good thing for both of us. We were able to discuss her deep desire to bring awareness to Lyme Disease, and I was also able to address how in the process of raising awareness, many questions fueled from confusion will also, inevitably, rise to the surface. I know Yolanda already knows this to be true as she said herself–even her own family and friends have raised questions. Overall, this was a good conversation, and I am happy to move forward.”

Lisa was also happy to dress up in high class call girl attire, all in the name of wedded bliss! She jokes, “There are two things I can’t pass up: 1. A piece of cake. 2. An opportunity to dress like a hooker with a fake hair piece in a swanky hotel with my friends.” She can also apparently not pass up on praising Kyle Richards for her AH-mazing proclivity at “hitting the split” a thousand times at her anniversary party. 

This was a calm week for Lisa overall, but she hints that “next week looks like it will be a doozy with some inaccurate information being spread that will inevitably cause some collateral damage. Oh boy.”


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