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Phaedra Parks Addresses Kenya Moore Pregnancy Bombshell; Visited Apollo Nida In Prison With Their Sons – Was Filmed For RHOA

Phaedra Parks was Andy’s guest tonight on Watch What Happens Live along with Ta’Rhonda Jones from Empire.  The Real Housewives of Atlanta star shared a few interesting tidbits that included Kenya Moore pregnancy rumors, the news that she has now visited Apollo Nida in prison with her sons, and reveals when we can expect to see the Cynthia Bailey ‘mercial. 

Phaedra says that she heard Kenya is pregnant and defended sharing that on Dish Nation in an interview on Friday.   “Well, that’s what I heard.  I have no proof, but that’s what I heard from a somewhat reliable source.”

Andy plays the scene where Kenya and the ladies discuss the rumors that Kim Fields husband Chris might be gay.  Andy then reads a Tweet from someone asking why being gay seems to be the “go-to” nasty thing to say about someone’s husband – acting like it’s an insult for someone to be gay.   Phaedra agrees that it’s not cool.  She thinks it’s because in the African American culture it’s very taboo. 

Andy plays a montage of the funniest BFF moments featuring Phaedra and Porsha Williams from this season so far.   Phaedra says “I love Porsha, she is so funny. We have such chemistry.  She’s just happy being her, so it’s really light-hearted.” 

Phaedra says that she did file for divorce but she is not dating.  She hopes the divorce will be final in the next 45 days.   Andy asks how Apollo is taking it, she says “when you lose this sweetness it’s hard.”  (Pointing to herself)

A caller asks Phaedra how motherhood has changed since Apollo went to prison and asks if she took the boys to see him yet.  “I’ve always been a hands-on mother and my mother helps me on a weekly basis with the kids.  Both of my parents are very active with the children, but it’s challenging because now I have no free time whatsoever.  When Apollo was there I could leave them and go to the grocery store and go do my yoga or whatever but now you can’t do that.”  Phaedra reveals that she and the boys did go and visit Apollo.   She says that it went well.  Andy then adds that the cameras were present for some of the visit..interesting. 

On her relationship with Kim Fields and her thoughts on Kim bringing her kids everywhere.  “Kim and I are very close.  I knew Kim prior to the show.  She’s a very accomplished actress and producer.  I don’t judge other people’s parenting styles, so I don’t know why she needs to bring them.”  She makes some of her Phaedra noises and says “just fix it Jesus.” 

Does she think the relationship with Matt and Kenya is real? “Well honey I don’t know. I don’t see Kenya like that, so it’s not like Kenya and I are BFFs or even FFs or Fs at all. So I don’t know what the relationship is.  I’m happy that she’s a little happier.” 

Actor Michael Rapaport calls in.  If you missed his previous appearances on the show, he’s a Housewives Superfan x100.  Michael offers to babysit for Phaedra if the boys ever need a sitter.  Phaedra says “leave your number and your email..”.  Michael wants to know how did she like working on the ‘mercial and has she seen the finished cut yet?  And why did she go panty-less for the ‘mercial.  “I loved doing the ‘mercial.  A lot of the ladies in our franchises want to be actresses and that’s never been one of my aspirations, I really like to make money. Not saying that actresses don’t make money so don’t kill me for that but what I’m saying is it was fine to do it as something very different from what I do every day.”  She swears she didn’t even realize she left her panties at home.  She thinks it’s because she had on that little skirt. “It needs the breeze sometimes.”  She confirms we’ll see the ‘mercial in the season finale and says that it turned out “really cute”. 

Michael’s last question is – does Phaedra think the show improves with NeNe being back on the show.  “Of course I like NeNe, we’re friends outside the show.  We talked all throughout her not being there.  NeNe definitely brings something to the show, but all of us do and so I think people have to realize it’s for entertainment and it’s an ensemble cast.  When everyone’s doing what they’re doing, we’re very defined as individuals that bring something special because that’s who we are as people. But I’m glad NeNe is back, happy she’s back.”

A caller asks what Phaedra thought about Kenya saying Phaedra was hitting on Matt.  She says he’s not her type.  “If you look at my husband, that’s my type. Very cute and real sexy. And I don’t hit on other people’s husbands or boyfriends.  That’s not what I do.  But I was just having fun with them.” 



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