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Teresa Giudice’s prison memoir, Turning The Tables, is another best seller for the reality star.  Even though her cookbooks have done well, we all weren’t too sure how this book would turn out after hearing some tidbits from her diary while she was still in prison.  

It looks like Teresa put enough polish on the book, (and not as many fans boycotted supporting her as they said they would), because it’s on the top of two best seller lists!  The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Tweeted out this week that her memoir hit #2 on the NYT Best Seller list!  “So excited to announce that Turning The Tables is officially a New York Times Best Seller, hitting the list at #2.” 

As if that wasn’t reason enough to celebrate, she also landed at #15 on USA Today’s Best-Selling list.  Not too shabby for someone trying to rebuild her brand. 

This week fellow housewife Dorinda Medley turned out to support Teresa at one of her book signings (where Teresa put her bubbies out on full display!), with boyfriend John Mahdessian in tow.  Dorinda is one of the many Real Housewives that Teresa thanks in her book’s acknowledgements. 


Dorinda gushed over how proud she is of Teresa.  “I’m very proud. I love Teresa. I love her. She’s great.”  Adding,  “I think she’s a survivor. I think it’s never about the mistake. It’s how you get up and handle the next phase of your life.  Believe me, we’ve all stumbled. Anyone that says they haven’t are full of sh**, OK? Or you will stumble at some point. So you better be careful.”

Have you read Teresa’s book yet?  I bought it with the intention of reading it the same day and recapping some highlights from it – it’s currently buried somewhere on my desk. Was it good?  I hope it’s better than those diary entries her attorney released, that’s all I have to say. 

As for her book signings, they are selling out, so viewers and fans clearly haven’t all shunned her.  She shared a few photos on Instagram – complete with a visit from BFF Victoria Gotti

Is anyone else a tiny bit curious about this new sexier look Teresa is attempting?  Is it working?





My beautiful friend Victoria Gotti came to see me last night at my book signing in Huntington, LI. ❤️#amazingfriend

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