Preview Of Teresa Giudice’s Prison Memoir ‘Turning The Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again’!


Teresa Giudice Prison Memoir 'Turning The Tables'

Teresa Giudice can barely construct the ingredientzes of a sentence, but she’s about to be a published author once again! Teresa’s prison memoir, titled ‘Turning The Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again‘ will be released this February and is being touted as an exposé on her life in prison and a glimpse at the real Teresa that reality TV cameras haven’t shown. 

In Turning The Tables the Real Housewives Of New Jersey star promises to not only chronicle her time in the slammer, but explore the events leading up to her incarceration (as if we don’t know by now), her rise to fame (and subsequent fall from grace), the true behind-the-scenes on the infamous Gorgadice family drama, and how the entire experience has changed Teresa for the better!  


“People think they know everything about me … but they don’t. Not even close,” teases Teresa in the advance preview of Turning The Tables , obtained by People

Teresa will be released from prison on December 23rd (and ushered right into filming Real Housewives Of New Jersey), but her memoir will be released Feb. 9, 2016. Meanwhile Joe Giudice will leave for his own 41-month sentence in March. Ooh goody, just enough time for a another rousing round of Teresa pregnancy rumors

In Turning The Tables Teresa will also divulge how she found strength to deal with the comely circumstances of prison and being away from her 4 beautiful dawters – left in the hands of Juicy Joe! – as well as spill on what her life behind bars was truly like.

Basically it sounds like a bootleg version for Orange Is The New Black, with far less self-reflection.  I certainly hope Teresa isn’t hoping to land her own Netflix show based on this. Although a possible title could be: Orange Is The New Leopard: Real Housewives Behind Real Bars That Aren’t Made Of Marble!  

Teresa believes Turning The Tables will do just that. “The world will see a new Teresa. A different Teresa. Well, actually, the Teresa I always was,” she promises.  

OK, I admit it, I’m reading this shit. You know you are too. Book club anyone?! 


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