Yolanda does not accept Lisa Rinna's apology

Read Yolanda Foster’s Email To Kyle Richards And The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Cast

Something strange is up over in Bravoland this week.  The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast usually deliver their blogs on time and they’re all posted almost immediately following the episode on Tuesday nights.  Unlike the Real Housewives of Atlanta, whose blogs trickle in slooowwwwly, if at all.  When it comes to Atlanta, NeNe Leakes would often take to her personal website to blast off about the episode, without having to worry about any editing by anyone.  It seems Yolanda Foster is taking a page from NeNe’s book this week.  Yolanda created a website for the sole reason of sharing her blog on her own.  

She started off apologizing for not writing a blog last week as she accompanied her daughters in NYC for Fashion Week.   Yolanda started her new blog/website saying that having to watch last night’s episode “was uneasy to say the least. Not sure a word factory could produce the right ones to describe it because there are so many perceptions and sides to this story.” 

Yolanda thinks not being around as much led to rampant rumors about her condition, “I do see that when you are absent, not able to participate in life with your circle of friends, it leaves a lot of space for speculations….” 

She then reminds us how long ago filming took place and that editing plays a part in what we see and don’t see.  “remember they are merely minutes of much larger conversations.  What I felt then is not what I feel today.”


She claims she did forgive Lisa Rinna initially, until she found out the definition of Munchausen.  She says, “it hurt and definitely infuriated me. It was hard to understand why anyone would make such a distorted and untrue statement related to my health journey in front of my friends and millions of viewers out in the world.” 

During her conversation with Eileen, Yolanda claims she only used the word bipolar “for argument’s sake,” but now realizes, “it seems like an eye for an eye, which was not my intent and I apologize if it came across that way.” Yolanda makes sure to remind us that she didn’t air the dirty laundry about Lisa’s text to Kim Richards.  “I never went out into the world and judged Rinna’s behavior in Amsterdam when it actually happened a year and a half ago, I never spoke in public about her outrageous texts to my friend Kim Richards because that wasn’t my battle to fight.” 

She continues, “Rinna’s judgment now was my problem as I had become #3 in this group to be labeled by her publicly. The life of any chronically ill person becomes extremely isolating. At that time I was ultra sensitive to other people’s energy. Therefore when I arrived at Erica’s barbecue the week before I could feel Rinna’s energy which was obviously fueled by Eileen’s download of our conversation. Which I did not understand then, but i do understand now……

Regardless we laid it all out on the table once more, discussed it and I chose to move on because I really did not have the energy or focus to stay stuck in the negativity.  Our hug felt right and authentic to me at that time……. Strangely enough even that was doubted and judged by some.”

She feels that Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle are pot stirrers, “They have now spoken about my struggles for the past 13 episodes and even though Rinna and I moved on……… Kyle and LVP felt the need to stir the pot one more time…… Which felt extremely insensitive to me.”  She says it took a lot out of her just to get to the lunch with the ladies and “I have learned now that I can’t assume people will understand how that feels unless they have been in my shoes and walked this journey.” 


Yolanda left the lunch feeling baffled over what had happened, prompting her email to Kyle and the rest of the cast, “Blowing wind to a minimized fire at this point was not what I had in mind for my rare outing when joining the girls for lunch so I left quite confused as to what went down and why this subject needed to be brought up once more by 2 friends that supposedly did not engage with the conversation to begin with. Kyle’s attitude particularly felt unauthentic to me and I still don’t quite understand why she is telling me to give her a break…… ?  a break for unauthenticly producing the show and creating added drama at my expense?” 

Yolanda adds a note about her ‘tone’, “It’s interesting how the woman have gone from judging my health journey, my no make up look, my happy selfies, my sad selfies, my character, my integrity and now as Kathryn mentioned; My tone? Yes, my tone is strong…… I am 100% Dutch and proud of it, any one that was raised with a Germanic language will agree that our tone is strong especially once translated into English. I am righteous and not afraid to speak my truth, my delivery might not always be as diplomatic as I would like it to be but my words are truthful, spoken from the heart and to the point.” 

She appreciates that Lisa Rinna “owns her shit” and feels Lisa V and Kyle “could take a lesson from her in that department as both of them are the Queens of brushing things under the carpet and holding grudges!”  


And now we’re up to the email. “I went home feeling exhausted and confused, I struggled with processing the conversation especially under the pressure of having cameras there. I chose to marinate on the situation and express myself later when I had clarity. l wrote the following letter to Kyle and cc’d it to ALL the girls in order to AVOID more gossip, forwarding or deconstruction of my words.  I see now that the letter was cut into pieces, recited by each cast member and that the sentiment of the letter has gone to waste……”


Dear Kyle, September 2015

After marinating on what went down yesterday i wanted to bring a couple of things to your attention;

i am coming out of a 3 year ordeal of living in a mentally paralized cocoon, due to a infection in my brain called NEUROBORRELIOSIS something you might want to research in case you would like to have a better understanding of Lyme disease, the biggest global epedemic in today’s world.

I arrived with a great attitude yesterday and proud of myself for making it out of bed and joining you girls. For you to go down so hard on me in order to create drama or what you think is good TV is beyond my understanding and it left me quite confused. Living in a very isolated world i am not used to being attacked in such an unkind way. its taken me some time to digest it.

As far as i knew Lisa Rinna and our incident was clearly resolved at Erica’s house.

C.C is the producer of our show and as far as i know he is doing an excellent job. I do believe that the show is a collaboration of all of us but trying to co-produce with such a desperate measures felt extremely unauthentic to say the least.

I am just trying to catch up and participate. I don’t need your pity but i do ask you kindly to respect my situation. Your lack of compassion and understanding is not a pretty look.

I also would like to clarify with you that my deal with Bravo and Evolution was based on “the best of my ability” whether that is filming 3 or 30 times this season so i would appreciate it if you lower your expectations of how much i should participate in filming.

Sitting at home, staring at the ceiling waiting for my brain to heal is not a choice for me but unfortunately the cards life has dealt me.

i am already feeling unaccomplished as it is, so please don’t make me feel like i am not holding up my part of the bargain here. If I was out living life with my family and friends, sitting front row at fashion week with my girls and not show up to work i would understand your frustration with me but unfortunately that is not the case.

So Please trust me when i say; I am doing the best that i can! Like you I want to make the best show possible but I can’t do more then i do for reasons you will probably never understand.

We have 2 strong beautiful new housewives (Erica & Kathrine) that given a chance could help make a great season.

Lets have coffee next week and talk about this further in person.





Yolanda adds, “Kyle never wrote back, I now learned why.”

She explains her ‘threat’ to Kyle about what she holds in the vault.  ““The vault” to me means: a safe and vulnerable space in our hearts – where we share a certain integrity and keep each other’s wellbeing as our first priority- I don’t feel the need to share private matters of any of these women or their families because I care for them as human beings and exposing private matters to the public would just make me feel like a distrustful human being. I really don’t feel the need to put others down in order to build myself up which seems to be the motto around here.”


Yolanda then goes on about sharing her health journey and wishing there was more awareness and education out there about Lyme disease.  “It just makes me sad to see the judgement and ignorance that comes with it, for all involved, including my own children.”

She then draws AIDS comparisons again.  Yolanda schools us that Lyme has now been labeled a world wide pandemic.  “Hopefully this will get the attention of the medical community and I pray it brings us one step closer to speeding up the process of finding answers, that will ultimately lead us to the cure that we all deserve.”  She adds, “Elton John’s “FIGHT FOR AIDS” inspires me every day.  When AIDS first appeared three decades ago, it was first seen as a “gay disease.” That judgement at that time could not have been further from the truth…. Tens of thousands of gay men, some of them very close to me were dying and it seemed like no one cared. People who contracted HIV/AIDS were doubted and shunned by their own families, turned away from medical providers and treated like they weren’t even human.” 

“Today, thanks to the persistent hard work of Elton and activists, HIV/AIDS is no longer a death sentence. Instead, it is a manageable chronic illness. We know how to prevent it. We know how to treat it. And someday, we may learn how to cure it.  There is a dangerous lack of compassion for those living with and dying of chronic Lyme disease…….  Once I personally experienced the stigma around this disease, I decided I could help the Lyme community by authentically sharing my journey. I have joined forces with the Global Lyme Alliance and other Lyme organizations in order to raise funds for research, proper diagnostics and a cure affordable for all. I use my platform to bring awareness to this crisis because I truly believe that it is the higher purpose of my journey.” 

Yolanda then reveals that she is planning to start a non-profit and write a book.  “Once I get well, I want to do more…… I would like to start a non profit Organisation that provides care for those who fall on the wayside of our medical system.”  She would also like to write a book to finally share what she’s learned and tell others about the treatments she’s had done.  I think sharing a bit about it on her selfie captions might help others NOW, but that’s just me.  She ends with, “but for now I have laser beam focus on getting myself and my children well so that we can get back to the healthy and vibrant life we deserve to live! We’re like 3 race horses champing at the bit to move on from this, Trust Me!!” 


Photo Credit: Bravo TV