Kyle Richards Says Yolanda Foster Was Condescending And Self-Righteous

Kyle Richards is on the same wavelength as a vast majority of the show’s viewers: over Yolanda Foster’s holier than thou attitude and her ridiculous double standards.  The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star took to her Bravo blog to share her frustration over the happenings in this week’s episode. 

Kyle shares her annoyance at Yolanda for calling out her side conversation with Lisa Vanderpump while they were at lunch.  “I was surprised but happy that Yolanda showed up for lunch. We hadn’t heard from her since we were all at Erika’s when she and Rinna had gotten into their argument. Lisa and I both were a little perplexed by their abrupt “hug it out” and wondered what was going on with the situation. While this conversation that started between Lisa and me was more of a side conversation (going on while three other conversations were happening), we of course know that nothing we say in this arena is “private” or a “secret.” We will all see this eventually.” 

Kyle continues, “However, part of being in this group also means we have to address issues that are currently going on in our group. There are often times we are as confused as the viewer and hope for some clarity. Yolanda also obviously knows that everything we discuss here is not private, but a window into the current happenings. To be chastised for this when she knows all too well that I am not whispering “secrets” didn’t sit well with most of us that day. She was condescending and self-righteous. She knows what being part of this group means. Since when is a documented argument in this group off limits?”  She also notes that Yolanda seems to have an issue with her and Lisa Vanderpump’s close friendship. 


Kyle says that Yolanda’s vault comment was 100% a threat, so don’t believe her innocent act.  “Yolanda saying “I hold a lot in the vault, Honey” was an absolute threat. No matter how she may try to spin it. Nobody says that in that tone for any other reason.”

On to the Kyle-shaming email.  Kyle says Yolanda is a complete hypocrite, “I was surprised to receive the email from Yolanda with ALL the women in our group copied. She always makes such a point to say, “If you have a problem, come to me directly, and we will talk in private.” The fact that she needed to alert all the women that she was chastising me was ridiculous. She is not my mother, and the way she spoke to me at Frida and in her email, with an attitude of superiority, was off-putting to say the least. I did not reply, because I would have far more appreciated her calling me and having that discussion on the phone or in person.”  Kyle has more restraint that we do. 

On the dinner at LVP’s house, Kyle says that she doesn’t think Eileen and Lisa are cut out to be good friends at this point.  “Lisa and Eileen clearly don’t mix. They just don’t see eye to eye. Eileen clearly wasn’t getting the apology she was looking for. In words, yes, but when someone has to ask for an apology and the other person doesn’t think they have done anything wrong, you just are not going to resolve anything.  Sitting there was very uncomfortable, and I was wishing I could go play with the ponies instead of being stuck in the middle of this awkwardness.” 

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 Photo Credit: Bravo TV