Eileen Davidson

After Lisa Rinna’s beach side “confession” about some behind-the-scenes shenanigans (not to mention her true feelings about certain castmates!), Eileen Davidson has a confession of her own to make: she’s not shocked. In her blog this week, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star admits she pretty much already knew most of the Lisa Vanderpump dirt Lisa R was dishing before the ladies ever hit the sand. Eileen does admit that she was taken aback by Lisa R’s strong feelings of distrust toward Yolanda Foster/Hadid, who Eileen is still maintaining a show of supporting until the bitter end.    

Claiming she’s glad she missed Erika Girardi’s Most Awkward Dinner Party On The Planet, Eileen does wonder why Kathryn Edwards thinks it’s okay to comment on Lisa R’s eating habits? Or why in God’s name Kathryn got so bizarrely confrontational with her hosts? Eileen ponders, “I just don’t get her behavior. It only got weirder as Kathryn continued to get aggressive and argumentative throughout dinner. Even going so far as to take on the host!”


“I don’t think Erika’s language is ‘false lashes.’ I think her language is ‘straight-forward,'” continues Eileen. “After much discussion, it came out that Kathryn had shared the whole ‘web convo’ thing to get a reaction out of Erika. Whaaa? I don’t want to say I think that’s not true, but I do doubt that’s the whole reason. I think it’s something deeper. I’m just not sure what.”

Moving on to her conversation on the beach with Lisa R, which Eileen calls a “game changer,” she blogs, “Lisa R. dropped a bombshell about the origins of the Munchausen comment. But, since Lisa R. confessed that Lisa V. had prompted her to mention it, I have to confess something, too: I already knew that. Lisa R. had told me of past instances where she had felt pressured from Lisa V. to say or do something. That knowledge was underneath my reaction to her at Wally’s, and frankly underneath a lot of things that have happened in the last weeks. What I wasn’t prepared for was all the other stuff. I didn’t know the words ‘faking it’ were being thrown about. I didn’t know that Lisa R. wouldn’t have said the ‘M’ word if she had not been encouraged by Lisa V.”

Eileen says Lisa R’s feelings about Yolanda’s duplicitous intentions were, however, shocking. She also makes it clear that she does NOT share these feelings (just in case we were wondering what team she’s on!). Eileen reflects on, “Bombshell #2: Lisa R.’s strong feelings about Yolanda. They had just worked out their issues about the Munchausen’s (well at least it appeared that way to me), and then Lisa R. confessed she might think that Yolanda has a lot emotionally going on that is not being dealt with. And that she’s even more manipulative than Lisa V.

“Okaayyyyyy….” continues Eileen. “I must say, I don’t see Yolanda in the same light as Lisa R. does, but she feels strongly about her convictions. She clearly believes what she’s saying. Lisa R. is not mean, and would never say these things lightly, which leaves me a bit perplexed about the whole thing.”

She may be “a bit perplexed” about Yolanda, but Eileen seemed clear/assertive enough to insinuate herself into Kathryn and Erika’s beef at Kyle Richards’ Habitat for Humanity event! She does jokingly admit, “At the Habitat for Humanity site, all I can say is Lisa R. better have some extra duct tape left over for me. My persistent need for resolution is starting to really bug the crap out of me.”

Ha! That’s the Eileen I love. (Come back to us, Eileen! Don’t go to into the LymeLight!! Use the FORCE!!!!!!!!) 


Photo Credit: Bravo