Kathryn Edwards

Something tells me that Kathryn Edwards has never been called a wall flower. In her blog, she explains her obnoxious behavior on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this week and calls out Erika Girardi‘s hypocrisy.

Kathryn sets the record straight about the controversy surrounding the word web, “Erika did use the word web. You didn’t see it, but she said it and even she acknowledged it. I’m not sure if it was ‘Vanderpump spins a web,’ ‘don’t get caught in her web,’ or some other line, but the web word was used.”


“Much of the dinner conversation was not seen, most likely because it was long, but the truth is we all started off joking with each other, and were having some fun laughs,” shares Kathryn. “Right after Erika introduces me to Tom, you can see her and I hug each other with smiles on our faces.”

Kathryn goes on to say that she had “no idea” that Erika was mad at her, and if she had known, she would have insisted they talk about it long before dinner. “I much prefer to be upfront and say what I have to say to someone’s face,” she adds, “but as we have all seen, that is far from the way Erika does business.”

“What you did not see was more than half of the reason I was so animated and brash,” repeats Kathryn. “We talked about the web comment in detail and my point was more about why Erika felt the need to warn me about Lisa VDP. Lisa VDP asked her why she said it and rather than addressing Lisa, Erika turned to me with it and that’s when it started.”

Kathryn claims, “I wasn’t tipsy, I was passionate about what was being said and being truthful to my feelings.”


“When I said that I was also looking for a reaction, yes… sure, I was. Give us something to either like or dislike. I hadn’t had many conversations with Erika other than daily minutia. As I said many, many times, I went about it wrong… I should have handled it waaay differently, I wish I would have, but in my humble opinion, the crime doesn’t fit the punishment.”

Kathryn calls out the hypocrisy in Erika complaining about Kathryn’s choice of words at dinner, “Really?! I’m offensive?”

Erika Girardi does not talk that way in front of Tom, she’s not allowed to act that way in her own home, but Erika Jayne talks a lot of sh-t when Tom Girardi isn’t around. Erika Jayne screamed at her guest, Lisa Rinna, at her BBQ. Erika Jayne gets loud and obnoxious,” says Kathryn. “I hadn’t met Erika Girardi until that night. I did not know that the alter ego gets a pass, but Erika Girardi tows a line of decorum. My bad, I know now.”

Kathryn addresses her teasing Lisa Rinna about not eating and insists it was all in fun. She reminds us that she’s known Lisa for a long time, and for as long as she can remember, Lisa has always worked out and been “phenomenal” shape. “If I really thought that she had issues, I sure as hell wouldn’t tease her,” she adds. “It was a joke, and I wanted aware that it was such a hot spot for her because of Kim Richards. I know now.”

Moving on to the Habitat for Humanity event, Kathryn says that she didn’t know she and Erika were in such a bad place. She also repeats that she likes to face problems face on.


“Communication is key for me, so I was happy to discuss it,” adds Kathryn. “I just wish that I would have been extended the courtesy of knowing my offenses and given the opportunity to right my wrongs with out all of the ladies having to participate in it.”

Speaking of the other ladies, Kathryn admits, “My feelings were very hurt by a lot of what I have seen in their interviews. I feel as if it was very mean-spirited, and I don’t like that. Going forward, I hope if someone has something so harsh to say about me, tell me. Give me the chance to explain myself or make it right.”

Kathryn says she is “a little bratty” because she “hangs with men with a lot of ego and testosterone,” adding, “But my heart is in the right place.”

“I always try to end on a positive note with an upbeat thought… so I’d like to say that love and kindness triumphs over everything,” concludes Kathryn. “When someone has hatred or chooses the path of putting someone down, reach back with kindness and compassion. More often than not it will turn it around.”

“Ultimately we all want to love and be loved,” she adds, “this will never change.”


Photo Credit: Bravo