Kandi Burruss On The Fights We Didn’t See On Real Housewives Of Atlanta & Her Friendship With Phaedra Parks!

Tonight is the season finale of Real Housewives Of Atlanta, in a season of ups and downs and crazy sideways directions, which will culminate with an explosive 3-part reunion! Taking a break from new motherhood to dish on all the drama and give a preview of the reunion is Kandi Burrus!

Beginning with the drama in Jamaica, Kandi is relieved she wasn’t because of the negative comments about Kim Fields‘ husband! “I’m glad I wasn’t apart of that. I hate when people talk about my husband so I definitely didn’t want to be a part of anything sayin’ something about hers.” 

Above, Kandi shares a photo from tonight’s finale. 


“I know there was beef between Kim and Kenya [Moore] about the commercial, but Kim, she certainly proved that she knew what she was doing,” adds Kandi. “I loved the commercial. It turned out great.” 

Revisiting her issues with Phaedra Parks, Kandi is hesitant to say things are good between the two friends. Instead she admits, “It’s been an uphill battle.” 

“It’s so hard being on a reality show and actually trying to have a real friendship, because every time we try to work things out, we’re forced to address situations over again, ” Kandi explains. “Then after we work it out again, we have to watch it on television again, and get mad all over again about stuff that happened months ago.”  

“Especially after the reunion. The reunion is gonna be crazy because we really went back and forth,” Kandi sighs. 

About that reunion… “It’s gonna be explosive!” Kandi confirms. 

“You’re gonna see footage that you haven’t seen,” elaborates Kandi. Like a fight Porsha Williams got into, which didn’t make it onto the show. “Porsha beat up her assistant! In the parking lot behind the Christmas Party,” Kandi tells New York Live. “So you are going to see things about that.”  

Another surprise – Kim came out of her shell! “She’s actually, like, being aggressive and dealing with the drama with Kenya. All throughout the season she was so passive. It was too polite. I’m sorry – certain things you cannot just let slide. But she handles it.”

Tonight is the season finale! Phaedra throws a Christmas party, but the holiday cheer is overshadowed by suspicion after the Feds come to Kandi’s house looking for Apollo’s assets, and everyone wonders if Phaedra is behind their investigation! 

Cynthia and Peter try to recapture the magic, but their romantic date night is interrupted by Noelle. Porsha, realizing she may be single for quite some time, beings the process of freezing her eggs. Kenya and Matt’s relationship continues to blossom when he surprises her with two fur-babies. At Phaedra’s party NeNe and Kandi have a heart-to-heart about why they don’t get along, Sheree learns some surprising things about Bob, and Phaedra is confronted!

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting. 


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