Phaedra Parks Puts Todd Tucker On Blast Over Workout Video; Explains Why She Hasn’t Paid!

The old saying goes there’s three-sides to every story: your side, my side, and the truth. But when it comes to Real Housewives Of Atlanta there’s at least 63 sides to every story and probably none of them contain the truth. This season Phaedra Parks is being accused of withholding money she owes Todd Tucker over a prenatal workout video they worked on 3 years ago. 

Yesterday Kandi Burruss explained that Todd has been patiently waiting for the final payment for a project that is completed. Today Phaedra shares her – very different – side of the story. 

“The issue of me owing money to Todd Tucker for production of a prenatal workout video has gotten completely misrepresented and needlessly become the source of harsh feelings,” Phaedra begins in her Bravo blog. “Let me set the record straight for those who lack the necessary rudiments.”


“First of all, this business matter is between TTucker Productions and Nida Fitness. Nida Fitness is co-owned by me and my husband,” explains Phaedra. That huuzzzzzzband – at least for now is Apollo, as we know. “Nida Fitness hired TTucker Productions to produce a prenatal fitness video. Post-production on the video was never completed and therefore the final payment was not made. The project has been in limbo.”

Phaedra was seen reviewing footage of the prenatal DVD with Todd, but per the usual tricky Bravo editing it was never specified what type of footage they were viewing: was it raw footage, an editing sample, a competed segment, or a completed product?

There’s been a lot of chatter about whether or not Apollo is also culpable for owing Todd for the DVD. Phaedra reminds us that Apollo was part of their planned fitness venture (he was a trainer in her DVDs and posed with Phaedra on the cover). Here’s the Phine Body website if anyone needs a refresher about the Parks-Nida’s illustrious Phitness Empire! 

From prison – via instagram – Apollo is STILL promoting Nida Fitness. Meanwhile, reportedly, the Feds are confiscating his hidden items from Kandi and Todd’s house. 

Continues Phaedra, “It is disconcerting to see that Todd opted to discuss the matter with everyone, except the business owners of Nida Fitness; thereby turning this business matter into a personal attack and assault on my character.”

“After I became aware that this matter was circulating the rumor mill, as a professional businesswoman, I invited Todd to come to my office to discuss,” writes Phaedra

Per Phaedra, what we did not see on Real Housewives Of Atlanta, and what was not said by Kandi or Todd (so who knows if it’s true) is that Phaedra handed Todd a check right then and there. “In good faith, I wrote him a check for half of the outstanding balance,” maintains Phaedra. “Presently, I am still waiting on the final cut.”

“Upon receipt of a commercially acceptable, finished product, I will cut the final check,” concludes Phaedra. “Everybody knows that the final payment follows the final deliverable.”

Interestingly enough Kandi and Phaedra have insisted recently that they remain friends, but after all the mudslinging in Sunday’s episode (about “Little Todd“‘s allowance and dried up TV projects) and Kandi calling Phaedra out on instagram, plus this latest blog the reunion is going to get N-A-S-T-Y. 


[Photo Credit: Bravo]