Teen Mom 2 recap - Corey Simms

Last night was full of game changers on Teen Mom 2.

Adam Lind made big changes in the hopes of getting partial custody of Aubree, while Chelsea Houska decided it’s time Adam pay more child support. Jo Rivera and Vee Torres welcomed a new baby girl, while Kailyn Lowry learned Javi Marroquin may be deployed overseas. The custody arrangement between Leah Messer and Corey Simms changed big time. And Jenelle Evans changed her number. Again.

Jenelle boils hot dogs for Kaiser while friend/roommate/nanny Tori’s presence assures him he’s not alone with his mom. “We gotta wipe your hands. Forget it, we’re not wiping your hands,” Jenelle says in one breath before putting Kaiser in his crib to scream alone while she hangs out in bed with Tori.


Teen Mom 2 recap - Jenelle

Jenelle finally decides to let Nathan Griffith take Kaiser so she can get a break, but the peace and quiet aren’t worth it when she finds out Nathan took Kaiser to Boston with “that girl” without telling her. “I don’t know why, but I feel like my son has been taken from me and I feel like I’m never going to get my son back,” Jenelle drones. “I feel like my son has been kidnapped.”

Jenelle would not have consented if Nathan had asked to take Kaiser to Boston with the girl who pressed charges against her. But wouldn’t Kaiser have been with “that girl” even if Nathan stayed home? “I’m just sick of the games, dude,” Jenelle lies.

Later, Jenelle meets Barbara Evans and Jace for dinner. Apparently Jace has been doing well in school, but at home, he’s been throwing dog bones at Babs. Learned behavior, I’m sure. Jenelle fills Babs in on the Boston situation. She had called the North Carolina police, but without a custody order, there was nothing they could do. Babs suggests Jenelle get a custody order because, even though Jenelle shouldn’t have custody over Jace, she’s still a better parent than Nathan? Yikes.


Tori either really wants to be on TV or is trying to protect Kaiser. I hope it’s the latter, but given the crowd she runs with, I assume it’s the former. Driving to pick up Kaiser, Jenelle tells Tori to cover up her bandaged hand, lest Nathan’s mom think Jenelle and Tori are getting fall-down drunk and fighting (why would anyone think that?).

Jenelle is livid when she discovers Kaiser’s hair has been cut and knows it was Jessi who did it because she’s a hair stylist. I’m with Jenelle on this one – a first haircut is a big deal for moms and she probably missed out on a lot of Jace’s milestones. Jenelle can’t wait until Kaiser is out of earshot, so she calls Nathan, demanding to know who cut Kaiser’s hair. “No one,” Nathan whispers.

“Oh, you can’t talk because you’re in class, I’ll keep blowing up your phone then,” Jenelle threatens. Then she remembers she’s sick of the games, so she leaves a message for Nathan, letting him know, “I’m changing my number right now and if you want to see Kaiser, you can take me to court for visitation.” Well, until the next time she gets tired of Kaiser’s fussing, at least.


Chelsea and Cole DeBoer take Aubree to the pumpkin patch to go pumpkin pickin’! On the way home, Aubree can’t remember how to make the number two and whines for help from the back seat. Chelsea tells Aubree to wait until they get home and Cole tells Aubree to listen to her mother. “I like it when you tell her to listen to me,” Chelsea gushes, “You’re a natural.”

The next day, Chelsea goes out with her friend Britnee, who kind of looks like Nathan’s girlfriend. Hopefully Brit has better taste in men though, because she’s engaged. Chelsea hopes she’s next (and so does MTV for the sake of Chelsea’s story line). Brit asks about Adam and Chelsea pulls up a picture of a ripped, naked Adam with a pair of someone else’s hands covering his junk. Chelsea feels dirty looking at it and so do I. Changing the subject, Chelsea praises how Cole backs her up with Aubree and knows he’ll be the best dad.

Meanwhile, Adam gets the keys to his new house, and he also has his driver’s license back after five years. Plus, he has a job, nay, a career. He believes a judge would be impressed with his progress and grant him partial custody, but texted Chelsea to see if they could work something out. Chelsea, who has been burned by Adam countless times before, refuses to discuss the custody situation without a lawyer. No one can blame her for being cautious – except Adam, who argues his rap sheet was five years ago, so she should get over it. As if his rap sheet is the only problem.

Chelsea tells Randy Houska she’s worried, that to an outsider, it may look like Adam has improved and there is a good chance he will get more custody rights. Anticipating that could happen, Handy Randy has already printed out the paperwork to file for an increase in child support. Adam is paying the bare minimum, yet he can afford new trucks and has never paid for any clothes, school supplies, or anything else for Aubree. Chelsea predicts Adam will be pissed, but as Randy put it: “who cares?”


Kailyn recaps the photo/dinner situation for her friend, Sterling. She claims everything is fine with her and Javi, things are just weird between Javi and Jo. Later, Kailyn sits down with Javi and informs him that Vee is in labor. “Okay,” Javi responds vacantly.

It becomes a little clearer why Javi has been so awkward when he reveals that he might get deployed overseas. “I just want to make sure I spend my free time with the ones I care about,” he explains, “I don’t want to spend it going to dinner with Jo and Vee.” I understand wanting to spend time with his family, but he didn’t choose his family over Jo and Vee; he stayed away from his family because of them. Kail lets it go. She doesn’t want to fight with Javi, she just wants to do what’s right for Isaac. They decide to prepare for Javi to leave in case it happens, but hope he doesn’t have to.

The next day, Kail takes Isaac to see his new baby sister. Welcome baby Vivi! She asks if he’s excited to hold the baby. “Yo, you have a baby fever!” Isaac proclaims. Kail thinks he heard her say that to Javi, but maybe he heard Javi say it to Kail. Javi confesses he’s had baby fever since Lincoln was born, but Kail wants to wait until she’s finished with school. If he had it his way, they’d have four kids by now! Yeesh.


“Do we have anything to drink!” screams Aleeah. “God, you don’t even have nothing. Dang it mom!” She cries, then runs outside and dramatically throws herself on the ground. I’m sure they have something to drink. In fact, I see Sprite in the refrigerator, which is basically the same as water at this point.

I think Aleeah tries to make Leah feel bad so she can get what she wants, which might just be attention. Leah explains to her friend, Chastity, that she’s emotionally and physically drained. The doctor told her that Ali’s condition will begin to deteriorate more when she’s seven, which feels like it’s right around the corner. Chastity thinks Ali will be wheelchair-bound “because how else will she get around?” No sh-t, Leah replies. Leah knows the best thing for the girls is for her and Corey to get along and work together as parents. “There’s more important things than arguing about stupid things,” Chastity affirms. Can’t argue with that.

Leah calls her attorney to check on the status of the custody ruling, but there’s no word from the court yet. Later that day, Jeremy Calvert drops off Adalynn and gets out as fast as he can. Leah and the girls give each other “lovins” and it’s actually really sweet. Aleeah loves the affection, Ali adores little Addie, and Leah finally looks alive.

Later, the girls are in school and Addie is back with Jeremy. Leah asks her sister to pick the girls up from school, claiming she’s tired, emotionally drained, and shouldn’t be driving like this. I understand why people think she’s on drugs. Maybe she is. But how could she not have many sleepless nights? She’s twice divorced, going through a custody battle, and her child has an incurable degenerative disease.

Teen Mom 2 recap - Corey Simms custody

Meanwhile, Corey meets with his lawyer, who just received the custody order. Corey is now the primary caretaker and primary legal custodian, but decision-making will be shared between him and Leah. Corey will have the kids Monday through Thursday and Leah will have them Friday through Monday. The lawyer notes that Leah should be able to get them to school on time one day a week. Corey is thrilled to the point of holding back tears that things “went their way,” and by their, he means the girls. He legitimately wants what’s best for them, and I believe this is a big step in that direction.

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