Leah Messer Defends Her Dysfunctional Parenting On Teen Mom 2

Leah Messer is once again being called out for her parenting choices. One might think that after losing custody of the twins last year she’d be especially diligent – especially in front of Teen Mom 2 cameras – but Leah’s least favorite thing in the world appears to be common sense. 

On the season 7 premiere, Leah sent the twins to school with no breakfast and then allowed Addie, her 2-year-old daughter by second ex-husband Jeremy Calvert, to inhale SWEET N LOW PACKETS while Leah bemoaned her life to a friend. Can’t disturb mama while she’s whining about how nothins’ ever her fault. Leah was also observed texting and driving with all three girls in the car! 


In the episode, Aleeah (“Grace”), Leah’s 6-year-old daughter complained, “I don’t trust you. Take me back home. You’re always worried about everything else, except for going to pick us up and giving us lunch. I’m cold and I don’t have nothing to eat. You never get us up for breakfast. Daddy [Corey Simms] and Miranda does.”

I’ll give Leah a little slack – maybe – my oldest son is 5 and when he’s cranky, he makes some outlandish comments out of frustration, however, given Leah’s history of negligent parenting and questionable behavior, I’m guessing this isn’t just Gracie tantruming!

Viewers were outraged and immediately began calling Leah out on Twitter. 

Of Ali and Aleeah going to school without breakfast (and empty lunch boxes), Leah tweeted, “Grace was being a drama queen that morning. They eat as soon as they get to school…”

“5:00 is already early enough for two 5 year olds, and I guess no one is ever out of bread? lol,” Leah added

Apparently Leah would rather have hungry kids, than late ones, as one of the reasons she temporarily lost custody to Corey was the twins were constantly tardy. 

About texting and driving, Leah insisted she doesn’t always break the law. Only sometimes.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 1.28.24 PM

While sending your kids to school hungry and cold is bad enough, letting your toddler inhale cancer-crystals so you can eat lunch with a friend is flat-out disgusting.  Leah laughed it off. “She was sneaking it while I was filming and MTV caught her. Lol,” she tweeted. How was she sneaking it when we all saw Leah OPENING the packages. Maybe that was like when the deer cam caught Leah cheating with Robbie Kidd but she still denied it?!

Leah whined that all the criticism hurts her feelings and she truly does have loving relationships with her daughters. “My girls scream to be with me because I AM a GREAT MOM!” she tweeted in her own defense. Maybe it’s because she lets them run amok and consume junk food all day? Leah has better things to do like… ummmm… her secret boyfriend

Radar Online also reported that a regularly-scheduled custody hearing took place, but there will be no change to the 50/50 arrangement Leah and Corey currently have. A source says Corey “knew what was going on” with Leah while Teen Mom 2 was filming. Corey and Miranda are monitoring and plan to revisit the custody decision again in the future!  


[Photo Credit: Twitter]