Adam Lind Complains About Chelsea Houska Wanting More Child Support & Reveals Her TM2 Salary!

Adam Lind is quitting of Teen Mom 2 because the show makes him look bad and complains that Chelsea Houska is fighting for him to pay higher child support, which he’s decided isn’t fair given how much Chelsea earns from the show. 

Oh this is undeservedly rich, settle in… 

First of all, Adam is basically a negligent parent who is barely involved in Aubree’s life, a fact which he blames on Chelsea (not his own disastrous issues). In a series of complaints on an instagram post, Adam whines about paying $975 per month in child support for Aubree and reveals how much Chelsea earns from Teen Mom 2. “Last year was 250k for lil princess,” Adam ranted. “Chelsea’s contract will be up to 300k plus for new seasons.”


Interestingly Adam also confirmed that he earns close to the same salary as Chelsea, but apparently he doesn’t want to waste his precious ‘hard-earned’ money supporting his kids. WHAAAAA. Also, Adam has principles now, and is leaving Teen Mom 2 complaining, “It’s not worth the money anymore. I just want away from this fake ass shit and drama.”

“They already have been offering me more money…and also they are also wanting to do another show just for the fathers,” Adam added. “It don’t matter the amount of money anymore. I’m so much better than being bribed by money. I wasn’t raised to be greedy and sucked into this evil world.” The Ashley’s Reality Roundup confirmed that Adam was being accurate about how much MTV pays the cast, but notes that only the ‘original dads’ are earning nearly as much as the moms. 

The Ashley also reports that the 8th season of Teen Mom 2 is currently up in the air, since one of the girls (likely Chelsea) wants to quit, but MTV is figuring out how to continue either without her or by casting 4 new girls. I’m not sure if that means from that same season of 16 and Pregnant, or possibly from various seasons of 16&P. 

Adam’s other lament is that all of Aubree’s earnings from the show – up to $50,000 at this point – are in an account only Chelsea can access. Randy Houska denied this, tweeting, “Aub’s money is in an account that only can be used for her. For college.” (This is true – all the kids from the show are set-up with separate ‘trust’ accounts that cannot be accessed until they turn 18) 

Adam then expressed his disgust that Chelsea is demanding more child support and taking him to court. “Chelsea won’t respond or cooperate without a lawyer. And she’s also trying for more child support. She feels $975 a month is necessary. Guess her lil pig, 6 dogs, new Jeep and house just isn’t enough and needs more extra money. Court it is.”

Papa Randy then got on twitter to dispel Adam’s lies and confirm that, yes, Chelsea is taking him back to court, but only because Adam has been WAY underpaying for years! 

Per Randy’s tweets, as recorded by Starcasm: “Child support isn’t set by Chelsea, it is set by income. [Adam has] been paying $170/mo for 6 years, same as an unemployed dad. Court ordered to pay medical insurance since Aubree was born. Never.Paid.Once. Child support hearing? No show, then whine about ruling.” 

“Someone paying lowest allowable child support for 6 years and making ‘big bucks’ complaining about having to man up and pay?… invested more in a Corvette in one month than he has paid in child support for his entire child’s life.”


With that, Adam says after the season 7 reunion show he’s leaving Teen Mom 2. “I’m sick of being known as the guy from Teen Mom but instead I’m going to be known for bodybuilding and fitness.” Fitness?! I thought he wanted to make pornos?

Adam continues, “Its all fake and staged and MTV tells them both to do things to me to keep ratings hot.”

“I fly out to NYC for Season 7 Reunion Show with their ‘stars’ and after that I’m done,” Adam added. “I will be milking out for a free trip to NYC one last time so Stasia [his girlfriend] has the opportunity to see NYC for free. And then I’m out.”

Adam also said he won’t be signing off on allowing Aubree and Paislee to film the show. Can he even do that given that Chelsea has sole custody? 

Adam concluded by whining that MTV will probably contact him for making negative comments about the show, but he doesn’t care. 

Just a reminder, season 7 premieres March 21!


[Photo Credit: Instagram]