Luann de Lesseps just wants everyone to be cool, like the Countess – which is definitely not going to happen on this season of Real Housewives of New York. Despite all the impending calamities, which have already started to unfurl amid our tempestuous ladies, Luann is excited to focus on new drama and let go of the old! 

We’re back stronger than ever!” gushes Luann after the season 8 premiere. Since we last saw her Luann’s son Noelle went off to college, and Luann decided to move apartments. In the process she’s residing in her fabulous Hamptons home, but what’s a city girl to do when her city abode is no occupado? Why shack up with Sonja “Sexy J” Morgan, of course! (BYOB: Bring Your Own Boys)


“When I don’t stay in hotels, I stay with Sonja and we always have fun together,” explains the soon-to-be-EX-countess. “She’s an empty nester like me since her daughter went to boarding school, so I thought she might like a break from rambling around her townhouse alone.” So basically Lu is saving Sonja from herself? And saving Sonja’s interns from Sonja as well – makes sense!

Last season Sonja and Luann went through some pretty dire times, but Luann isn’t dwelling on any of that, explaining, “She’s been my friend for a long time, and although we’ve had our ups and downs, in the end, we genuinely like each other’s company.”

Since Sonja is RHONY’s resident dentist, one fun thing she and Lu do together is inspect each other’s teeth! “I have extra bones behind my upper teeth that are a throwback to the Eskimos,” reveals Luann. “Who knew? My dentist told me about them years ago, and as you can see, Sonja really got a kick out of this.”

While Sonja and Luann have set their differences aside, Carole Radziwill isn’t so willing to forgive and forget! She must not drink enough. Last season the two former friends had serious issues when Carole decided to date Luann’s niece’s much-younger (and veryvery recent) boyfriend. 

Carole’s still holding a grudge against me for commenting on her boyfriend Adam’s age, but my concern wasn’t his age, it was about her getting involved with someone who was dating a member of my family,” chides Luann. “They’ve managed to make love last and one year later, they seem very happy. At this point I’m over it, and I’m very happy for them.”

Luann is hopeful Carole will decide to “live in the present, not the past” to “focus on the positive and let go of her resentment towards me.” Shouldn’t she focus on that loving feeling if she’s so crazy in love?!

“As for her saying she won’t have Adam and me in the same room, honestly, I think that’s very immature since I don’t hold a grudge against her or him,” writes Luann in her Bravo blog. Agreed! Carole – if you’re happy and you know it, let it go. If you’re happy and you know than your face should really show it, if you’re happy and you know just move on! I mean both ladies said some pretty scathing things about each other but personally I feel Carole’s attacks against Luann were far more vicious, sanctimonious, and ultimately defensive. 

BUT – I’m taking some advice from the countess and moving on. Which brings Luann to Ramona Singer‘s new life! “Ramona may have new boobs, but she’s still the same Ramona, just more bodacious!” And more boy-crazy! 

Luann can only laugh at Ramona’s attempts at dating and Avery’s reaction. “The look on the girls’ faces as they watched Ramona flirt at the bar was priceless! More champagne…please!”

And the Ramonacoaster of Relationships only gets funnier as Ramona tries (and fails) to expand her horizons! “I think Carole is right that Ramona talks too much, although ‘talking less and smiling more?’ We are Real Housewives, not Stepford Wives!” reminds Luann. “But I regress…Ramona has always talked too much and whoever she dates better be an enthusiastic listener.”

As for Dorinda’s perplexing attraction to John, Luann is trying not to judge. “If he makes her happy, then I’m happy for her.” A sentiment Bethenny Frankel certainly doesn’t agree with!

Luann chastises Bethenny for openly judging Dorinda’s behavior, and is adamant that Dorinda doesn’t have an issue with alcohol, which Bethenny seemed to allude to. “For a gal who owns a liquor company, Bethenny is very judgmental about how much we party,” complains Luann. “She’s always commenting about how much we drink all the while plying us with cocktails from her line, and no one likes to drink more than Bethenny. Ironic? Hypocritical? You decide!”

Finally Luann reacts to Jules Wainstein joining the cast (aka the reincarnation of Virginia Slims Menthol commercial from the 90s). Luann describes Jules as someone “who isn’t shy about sharing what’s on her mind. She is an optimistic and idealistic person, and I like that about her.”

However Weekend Mom Luann cautions Jules about her parenting philosophy. “Her kids are cute, although I can assure you bribery leads to bratty behavior. I have a different philosophy about raising children, but we all know parenting is a difficult job…I’m so glad I’m over that hump. I think Jules and Michael are a great couple.”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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