Carole and The Real Baby DogCarole Radziwill had a birthday this weekend and she celebrated with a a Buddhist monk, a trip to the Hamptons, and then onto Pennsylvania for a meet and greet with fans at a car dealership. 

Along for the ride was Carole’s boyfriend Adam, and some friends – but curiously none of her Real Housewives Of New York co-stars! 

Above, Carole celebrated with her dog, Baby. “caroleradziwill: Puppy love. Hot mess. Summer is not over. @adamkenworthy” 

Photos of Carole’s birthday weekend are below.


Carole & The Buddhists

The birthday celebrations begin! “Birthday bridge walks. Hbd @caroleradziwill thanks @ninatiari @brucebozzi @ericgoldie @lorrainekny @waterslideman Chris, Brian, David, Doc, Jeremy & our monk friends for making it an extra special night,” shared Adam. [Credit: Instagram

Carole added, “Me & the Monks. Wishes come true. I mean, honestly, it’s a crap shoot but what the hell. #takeachance #dreambig #wingit #myanmar #buddhism #lovestartswithself #peace #prayer.”

Carole & Adam“#nyc #sunsetwalks #perspective #cutepairdontcare #summerlovin #uberhot,” shared Carole. [Credit: instagram]

Next Carole traveled to the Hamptons where she hosted a fashion benefit at the vintage boutique What Comes Around Goes Around. A portion of the proceeds benefitted Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation. 

Carole at What Comes Around Goes Around

“I fell in love at @whatgoesaroundnyc with this French vintage hat and fabulous PINK jacket. #birthdaybliss #love #WGACA #wearing #chanel #everything #dreamsdocometrue” [Credit: Instagram]

From the red carpet at the event Carole said she’s been working, thinking, and eating/cookbook writing with her boyfriend Adam. “I’ve been finishing working on my third book, which is due in the fall. I’m really excited about that. I was really happy to stop filming the show so I could get back to that quiet, introspective space of writing,” she shared. “I had forgotten how much I enjoy it because I had been filming the show so much in the last couple of years, so that was nice.”

“I’m also trying to just relax and have fun. I’m working on a project with my boyfriend Adam, who’s an incredible healthy food chef,” Carole tells Fashion Week Daily. “I am the last person, as I think the world knows, to care or think about food. I just eat whatever’s in front of me. I changed my kitchen into my office. But Adam has very quietly and very elegantly changed the way I think about eating and food. Anyone who knows me is stunned. There’s something to be said for that; he just eats and lives healthy, so we’ve been kind of working on maybe doing some kind of cookbook together–the girl who doesn’t cook and the guy who loves to cook.”

Carole Radziwill birthday cake

“Birthday wishes at #WGACA. No one does high-lux vintage better. Thanks!!!!,” Carole tweeted. [Credit: Twitter]

Carole also talked fashion, of course, and revealed what she thinks constitutes style. “I think women make mistakes when they try to be something fashion-wise that they’re not feeling inside,” she explains of her philosophy. “I always say, style is how you live your life and fashion is a dress. To live with style is completely style than to be well-dressed. And I try to live with style.”

Carole finished up her birthday celebration in Amish Country where she stopped by the Sunbury Motor Company to sell some cars. Hmmmm… hey – it’s different. 


“I’m in Amish country. So pretty!!!! Selling cars at @SunburyMotorCo Come down!,” Carole tweeted. Adding, “I had a great time. Nothing more Americano then radio, car dealerships & eastern Penn” [Credit: Twitter]

After all that hard work Carole at least got a decent breakfast out of the deal. carole-birthday-breafast

“TV breakfast tray at the farm. Egg scramble direct from hens & vegetable garden: Squash, kale, onion, garlic, parsley. Millet oat & flax bread with coconut oil & strawberry jam……and bacon!  #thereluctantvegan #vegan-ish #healthyeating #nespresso #cookbook I <3 Bacon” [Credit: Instagram]

Well, that’s quite the whirlwind weekend of bizarre activities. At least it wasn’t boring. 


[Main Photo Credit: Instagram]