Carole Radziwill in glasses with her dogCarole Radziwill may not have children, but being on Real Housewives Of New York has taught her all about dealing with them! 

Carole, who has taken a hiatus from writing overdue books to focus on Adam – and twitter – explained her feelings over the reunion in her Bravo blog where she discussed Sonja Morgan‘s social gaffe and Luann de Lesseps fragmented hypocrisy that undermined their friendship. 

Explaining more of what frustrated her regarding Sonja’s comment about partying with John John way back when she was known as Mrs. Morgan, Carole says she never heard Sonja mention this so-called Kennedy friendship. OK – can we all just accept that Sonja probably DID party with Kennedys – she was married to a Morgan for a decade and ran in some uber-ritzy circles, just as Ramona mentioned. 


Carole is willing to overlook Sonja’s self-serving comment becuase she’s basically a “good person who honestly doesn’t mean to offend anyone.” BUT “sometimes she can’t see the forest through the trees.”

“Yes, she may have known John, yes she may have even attended a party he was at,” elaborates Carole. “My point was that in the four years I’ve known Sonja not once, on or off camera, have we ever had a thoughtful or sensitive conversation about anyone in my late husband’s family, including John. Now that is completely fine with me. My late husband’s family is not something I sit around and discuss at cocktail parties.”

“Watching that episode was the first time I’d heard about their apparent friendship and hearing her use John’s name in a way that was simply more name-droppy, self aggrandizement—that was nothing more than a continuation of her smoky eye, updo, Gstaad loop—was not pleasant,” continues Carole

“Isn’t there an expectation that people who are not around to defend themselves are not fodder for drunken cocktail party gossip? Am I crazy, or is it simply insensitive?” Carole asks. “I hoped she would have recognized that and said, ‘I understand, and I’m sorry I said that.’ Sadly, I’m not sure that happened here.” 

The real issue Carole has found herself up against is Luann’s wrath regarding Carole’s relationship with Adam. Is anyone else so tired of talking about this? Is anyone cringing over the fact that we have two more reunions left where this will be discussed?

Carole insists she “really, truly” did not care to hear Luann’s ever-changing story to explain her anger. “Honestly it seemed all a bunch of bull since she had never mentioned anything close to being ‘ill’ at the sight of Adam and I during the eight months prior to the show airing. If she was, I’m sorry she didn’t come to me and tell me directly. That’s what a friend does,” states Carole. “Instead I was completely blindsided by her comments on the show and in the media. Of course, I’d be sorry if it caused her any grief, but I don’t think it did. It was a move by her to get attention and be more relevant.” 

Carole believes Luann was actually upset about Turks and Caicos, but used the Adam situation. “Since our return from Turks and had said so many nasty things to me and about me in the press and on social media while the show was airing. Even as I tried to defend myself a little, she piled on even more female-bashing, anti-girlcode slurs,” complains Carole.  Carole tried to defend herself “a little” – her twitter has been a vertiable I HATE LUANN-fest for months and the comments she’s made are the very definition of “female-bashing, anti-girlcode slurs.” Seems like one hypocrite don’t like no other hypocrite. Carole has been ATROCIOUS on twitter.  

Carole continues, “I expected at least an apology about her maniacal comment about me not having any children. Good thing I didn’t hold my breath waiting, because I’d be dead. At a certain point it’s like trying to reason with a toddler.”

“The audience will come to their own conclusions about who is right and who is wrong or someplace in between. It’s not for me to convince anyone.” Then get off twitter? My conclusion: You’re both nuts! Carole and Luann ruined a friendship over Heather’s meddling hystrionics and a 2o-something boy who is using them both to bring attention to his chef career. After his plans to get on the show through Lu’s niece didn’t work out, he Jason Hoppy‘d Carole and now has landed himself a book deal. The fans are “very astute” and we see how defensive you are, Carole. We also see that you are doing the exact same to Luann you’re complaining about. Both Carole and Luann are embarrassing themselves in my opinion! 

Which brings us to the next paragraph. In which Carole explains why Luann is a hypocrite. Again, remember we viewers are very astute according to Carole. 

Carole says she is not upset by anything Luann does (again see her twitter for proof of that logic!). “Luann threw away any chance at a real friendship long ago. That said…it is difficult to have an intelligent conversation with her, because she has no ability to self-reflect, and much of what I said seemed to go over her head. Although, yikes! I did not mince my words!

“She appears to me to be a hypocrite. A person who claims to have beliefs about what is right and what is wrong but behaves in a way that contradicts those beliefs. In case anyone still doesn’t get that, let me say it this way—she judges other people badly for the very things that she does; whether it’s dating a younger man or dating her friend’s ex or reprimanding people’s manners. And as Heather and I jokingly called, the ‘skinny-dipping plus’ incident with the young boy who managed the home we rented. He was only a couple years older than her own son.”

“The crazy thing is Luann doesn’t even deny it as she continues to say how inappropriate I am,” adds Carole. “And let’s not forget Jacques who she did have a relationship with and who was 10 years younger than her. (Jacques was over 40) Or her sleeping with Sonja’s ex-bf, Harry (Luann dated him BEFORE Sonja did). She even wanted to be fixed up with a friend of Heather’s, a man who had also once dated her niece. All the women know she lives in a glass house. They just didn’t say it as clearly as I did, understandably, because they weren’t on the receiving end of her punitive attacks.”

Defending her relationship Carole insists Luann’s niece and Adam had been broken up for a long time before they met. “Not, as Luann continues to insist, ‘planning vacations together.’ In fact, she was in a serious relationship with another man at the time. I don’t chase men, and I certainly don’t chase other women’s boyfriends.”

“But listen, can I understand her niece being upset? Absolutely. Let’s be honest, aren’t we all secretly a little annoyed when we hear an ex has happily moved on? Maybe she had lingering feelings for him,” Carole acknowledges. “Maybe she still held some hope they would get back together. I get it. I’ve been there, we’ve all been there, but it had been over for a year. And I was very respectful of her privacy. I was very respectful of their friendship. The thing I’ve learned is life moves on, and you have to move with it. So what is there left to say, except I wish everyone their own happiness. Especially Luann.” 

Here’s where I think Luann is upset but isn’t making her point clear. She is embarrassed that Carole, her friend, who was a guest in her home and had a relationship with her family Mrs. Robinson’d all over her son’s friends. That’s a bit skeevy. A situation made worse because the man in question was Luann’s niece’s ex-boyfriend. I don’t think anyone cares if Carole dates 28-year-olds, least of all Luann. I think Luann does care that Carole came over and played Stiffler’s Mom with her children’s friends, then lied about it, thus making Luann look foolish when she defended Carole to her niece, who may have pretended to Carole and Adam’s face she was OK with it and then privately expressed something different to Luann. As Carole herself admits, we’ve all been there! Carole is pretending to be unimpeachable and as if none of this is worthy of addressing. Wrong.  

I think the second point, which, if I were Luann would make me most angry: Carole confessed earlier in the season to having a discussion with Noelle (Lu’s son) about her dating Adam. Carole admitted they talked about how to tell Luann, etc. That’s all kindsa inappropriate to me. Carole is 50 and Noelle was 19! Just me?


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