Lisa Rinna Owns Up To Her Actions During This Season Of RHOBH

I cannot even imagine how many times Lisa Rinna said the words “own it” during this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It might as well be her new catchphrase at this point. Lisa got caught up in the craziness this season that revolved around the accusations that Yolanda Foster has Munchausen’s Syndrome instead of Lyme Disease.

To be honest with you, this really was the worst season of RHOBH due to this one constantly repeated story line. Nevertheless, it did bring some bits of side drama and good amount of it involved Lisa in some shape or form. Well, Lisa is “owning” all of her actions this season and issuing apologies. This is a lot more than most of the other women from Real Housewives could ever manage to muster. Lisa “owned” up to everything in her Bravo blog reacting to the final reunion episode.


At the start of her Bravo blog Lisa wrote, “This season has been a tough one.  I’ve said some things that really pissed people off. Oh, I did that last year, too! Let’s talk about accountability.” Then she went into it and listed her offenses one by one- and yep, you guessed it: she “owned” them all.

Lisa explained that she feels bad about throwing the word “Munchausen” around this season, “I hold myself accountable for saying the word and definition of Munchausen. ” Whether she started or pushed that accusation, she did say it and help spread it around just by saying the word, so it is nice to see that she is taking responsibility for this.

The drama between Lisa and Kim Richards seems like it will never end (even though Kim wasn’t even a cast member this season). Lisa is still talking about it and issued an apology for this too when she wrote, “I hold myself accountable for not speaking kindly about Kim and not only hurting her but hurting Kyle, too.” Later in the blog, Lisa added, “I hold myself accountable for not enabling Kim Richards. Yeah it was tough–love. Yes, love! I’ve learned this much about addiction: Enabling is not loving.” I really don’t think it’s fair for anyone to hold Lisa accountable for Kim’s issues in all honesty. I’m sure that the bickering between the two of them did not help matters, but none of Kim’s actions were Lisa’s fault and it’s ridiculous to blame her.

Unlike some of the other cast members, Lisa took ownership over hating on Yolanda Foster‘s social media posts: “I hold myself accountable for asking questions and trying to understand what Yolanda was going through and questioning her Instagram posts and feeling like there was something else going on not being shared with us.” Maybe, Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump should do the same instead of laughing about her treatments like they did right in front of Yolanda during Part 3 of the reunion.

I’m happy that Lisa took the time to apologize to Erika Girardi. Lisa was pretty critical of her when she joined the show and it really was not warranted. Lisa wrote, “I hold myself accountable for calling Erika a pussy and pre-judging her in any way, shape or form. Turns out she’s the bomb.” Erika really is a gem and a half, so it’s good that Lisa Rinna recognizes that.

And then there’s this. I feel like there could have been a better way to phrase this one, but I really do get where she’s coming from as she fights this uphill battle trying stand up to LVP. Lisa wrote, “I hold myself accountable for calling Lisa Vanderpump out on her manipulations. I gave my power away to LVP. I’m taking it back.” I don’t really think that this one is necessarily “owning” her actions, but I can see what she’s going for. It looks like Lisa will not be manipulated by anyone when the next season of RHOBH comes around


[Photo Credit: Bravo]