Lisa Vanderpump Not Sure About Returning To RHOBH; Feels Attacked By Lisa Rinna

This season of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills finally being over has Lisa Vanderpump (and the rest of us) cheering “Hallej-bloody-lujah!” Unfortunately, the battle scars still linger, particularly on Lisa’s friendship with Lisa Rinna

“It was just such an awful season,” said Lisa. “I felt like I was under attack.” 

So who has Lisa labeled as the culprit for stealing her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills joy? Why that would be…Lipsa! “She might as well have hit me with a baseball bat on the head,” laughed Lisa, of the damage done. 


Lisa dismissed accusations that she is a master manipulator as “kind of ridiculous, really.” 

“It’s a poor excuse,” snapped Lisa “Own your stuff.” Basically LVP is telling Lipsa to take her “own it” and shove it. And hopefully it will sink in. 

The big question on everyone’s lips is whether or not the dramatic season will be Lisa’s last

“I’m gonna be ambiguous on that one,” she told Access Hollywood. “Nothing’s been decided yet.”

For the time being, Lisa is weighing the pros and cons of a possible return, “For the most part I’ve had an amazing time, and its given me so many incredible platforms.” Especially a vehicle to raise awareness for the plight of dogs and other animals. Lisa and Ken have recently started The Lisa Vanderpump Dog Foundation, inspired by their work with Stop Yulin Forever

Lisa also pointed to her friendship with Kyle Richards as one of the positives, “We’ve had our ups and downs, but it was a good season for us.” 

Kyle and I, we’ve been through so much. We’re kind of the last two men standing – so to speak – of the original cast, and it’s been an incredible journey,” mused Lisa. Oh no – please don’t hop onto the ‘journey’ bandwagon. All the roads are dark and dreary, and paved with illogical Lymes. 

Lisa also expressed her post-RHOBH feelings on Twitter. “It’s been tough don’t worry, last night it got to me for sure, it will be OK tho. Thank you,” she wrote. 

Apparently LVP has nothing left to say but a big ol’ F-U. Does that include Andy Cohen?

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Photo Credit: Bravo