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Lisa Vanderpump Buys Daughter Pandora An Over-The-Top Birthday Gift

Whenever I watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or Vanderpump Rules, I find myself wishing that I was Lisa Vanderpump’s daughter, or even just a waitress at one of her many restaurants. From what I’ve seen, LVP is a very generous person. If you are on her good side, she will take care of you.

Lisa and Ken Todd’s beloved daughter Pandora Vanderpump-Todd-Sabo just celebrated her thirtieth birthday, so Lisa had to do something to celebrate the milestone occasion. But what can Lisa get her daughter that would really blow her away? Lisa and Ken have been taking nice care of Pandora her whole life and on top of that, it is clear that Pandora is a very hard worker and can provide for herself pretty well, so it would take something pretty thoughtful to really make an impact.


Not only did Lisa seriously come through with her gift selection (as per usual), but she also managed to make the gesture a surprise! According to Daily Mail, Pandora was under the impression that she was attending a dinner party with her mother, but it turns out that the beautifully decorated house that she walked into was a surprise from Lisa. Yes, you read that right. Lisa got Pandora a fully furnished house as a surprise gift for her birthday. (Or at least supplied a hefty chunk of a change for a down payment on it..)

Pandora told Daily Mail, “I cannot believe as I walked in – thinking I was going to dinner – that my mother had poured her heart and soul into the most perfect house I’ve ever seen.”  Thankfully, she did not walk into the home and make comments about the interior design because that would have been super awkward for LVP. Pandora explained that everything about the house was perfectly suited for her taste, “I could tell that every little display, piece of furniture and layout was designed with me in mind.”

Pandora and her husband Jason Sabo are very lucky to have Ken and Lisa in their lives. Not only are they very generous, but they are also very thoughtful and pay a lot of attention to detail. Her father Ken even made sure that the house had a piano that Pandora really wanted. 

Of course, Pandora was completely in awe by her parents generosity and shared this with her followers on Twitter with a really sweet post.



And if you weren’t already jealous, Pandora shared a photo of her new home with her Twitter followers and it is just as beautiful as you expected it to be.


Lisa is really raising the bar as far as birthday presents go, I have no idea how she can top this, but at least she has a whole year to figure it out.


[Photo Credits: Bravo]